[PDF] Choices | by ✓ Liz Schulte - Choices, Choices Hearts break Loved ones are lost Life keeps moving Olivia Martin s afterlife was dangerous and confusing than her life ever was She thought she was ready to come back to forget about Holden and to le [PDF] Choices | by ✓ Liz Schulte - Choices, Choices Hearts break Loved ones are lost Life keeps moving Olivia Martin s afterlife was dangerous and confusing than her life ever was She thought she was ready to come back to forget about Holden and to le

  • Title: Choices
  • Author: Liz Schulte
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Choices | by ✓ Liz Schulte, Choices, Liz Schulte, Choices Hearts break Loved ones are lost Life keeps moving Olivia Martin s afterlife was dangerous and confusing than her life ever was She thought she was ready to come back to forget about Holden and to let go of the rage consuming her Fulfilling her destiny as a guardian was all that mattered the past could stay hidden in the crevices of her mind However when guardHearts break Loved ones are [PDF] Choices | by ✓ Liz Schulte - Choices, Choices Hearts break Loved ones are lost Life keeps moving Olivia Martin s afterlife was dangerous and confusing than her life ever was She thought she was ready to come back to forget about Holden and to le

  • [PDF] Choices | by ✓ Liz Schulte
    381 Liz Schulte

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    Many authors claim to have known their calling from a young age Liz Schulte, however, didn t always want to be an author In fact, she had no clue Liz wanted to be a veterinarian, then she wanted to be a lawyer, then she wanted to be a criminal profiler In a valiant effort to keep from becoming Walter Mitty, Liz put pen to paper and began writing her first novel It was at that moment she realized this is what she was meant to do As a scribe she could be all of those things and so much .When Liz isn t writing or on social networks she is inflicting movie quotes and trivia on people, reading, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family Liz is a Midwest girl through and through, though she would be perfectly happy never having to shovel her driveway again She has a love for all things spooky, supernatural, and snarky Her favorite authors range from Edgar Allen Poe to Joseph Heller to Jane Austen to Jim Butcher and everything in between.

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  • What s one sure way of pissing me off By writing about a cheating bastard.What an ugly way to end a wonderful day This series just ruined today for me.

  • I know this isn t exactly a romance book, but dang why does Holden and Olivia have to be apart for almost all of the story Then, honestly, it s time to fire the editor or whomever is responsible for the grammar errors Sometimes it was truly distracting The only think that kept me going until the end, and why I m set to start the next book, is the I read the Easy Bake Coven series first and know they end up together.

  • This story was hard to read at times because it switches between three different main perspectives Once I got used to it and realized that each chapter was from a different person, it was really cool I enjoy getting to find out how different characters view what is happening in the story If you have read most of my character interviews, you know that I very rarely pick the main character to ask questions I wouldn t need to do that for this story since you get Olivia, Holden, AND Quintus s views. [...]

  • Choices picks up where Secrets, Book 1 in the Guardian Trilogy, leaves off for the most part If you haven t had a chance to read it, drop everything, and pick up a copy of it This really is a must as you ll need that initial back story, and it s an awesome one at that I highly recommend you read it prior to picking up Choices, and by continuing on, there may be some spoilers Please consider yourself warned, and in case you don t heed it, I ll give some brief background of what we learned in Secr [...]

  • A thrilling paranormal romance I could not put down Earlier in the week, I started reading Secrets with a pretty hefty TBR pile that I planned to get to right after I finished But that s not how it worked out Once I finished Ms Schulte s spectacular, unique story, I had to have , as I m sure that was her intentions with the way Secrets ended So I dove head first into Choices and devoured that book too I think it s safe to say I ve found a new author that I love and a story that I connected with [...]

  • I had a hard time in the first book Secrets at first trying to keep up with the story since it changes from 2 different character s perspectives Although it was my favorite part of the last Twilight book, I wasn t used to Liz Shulte s style of writing By the 3rd chapter of the book I got used to it quickly and I was immediately hooked This book Choices has three different characters perspectives but because I was already used to her style I caught on quickly.My favorite character, besides Olivia [...]

  • In the interest of full disclosure, I didn t read the first book in this trilogy Not that I didn t want to but things got a little messy and it just wasn t possible I m sorry I missed it because I really could not put this book down There were some instances during the story that I felt a little lost but there was enough background offered that I finally understood what was happening You can avoid that by reading Secrets first.Having said that, Choices by Liz Schulte is a great book with some ne [...]

  • Choices by Liz Schulte My opinion of this second book in this series Choices by Liz Schulte can be summed up in one word FANTASTIC I just made her my new best friend In the Twilight series you have Team Edward and Team Jacob but in Choices you get the same type of triangle Team Quintus and Team Holden I for one am Team Holden he is one hot Jinn In this second book they are waiting for Olivia to return Holden who is evil is haunted by the love that he had for her thinking when she returns that sh [...]

  • Choices is the continuing love story between lovely Olivia Liv angelic guardian and handsome Holden demonic jinni I haven t read Secrets Guardian Trilogy Book One yet, but definitely intend to for the full story The same goes for Consequences Guardian Trilogy Book Three How could I not after reading this far I m right in the middle of an enamoring story.Liv died as a human at Holden s hand in book one She comes back to life as a fledgling guardian and is going through training in this book Quint [...]

  • I had already read Secrets, Book 1 of Liz Schulte s Guardian Trilogy, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was very excited for the sequel Choices definitely did not disappoint The part I enjoyed the most was learning what it takes to be a guardian, right along with Olivia, and to watch her clumsy attempts at manipulating light and her heartfelt insights into the lives of those she is charged to help.Not everyone in Olivia s life is as admirable as she sees them Look for at least one shocking reveal [...]

  • So a human, a jinni, a guardian angel, and a demon walk into a bar Actually that would be the beginning of a bad joke But all those characters are in this book The basic premis of this story is what would happen if a Jinni person who made a deal for their soul with a demon who was cursed to do the bidding of hell for eternity fell in love with a human born to be a powerful guardian angel when they died In the book Secrets, Olivia falls in love with tall, dark, and brooding Holden, who turns out [...]

  • Another page turner, mostly because it s such an easy read.A few things are really starting to bug me 1 If your life is THAT horrible, why choose to come back 2 Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors Gah 3 What happened to the time difference between Rome and the US How is it the same time in both places Please, find a globe.4 Girl, get over him Yes, I know the magical mind link is still there, but seriously Actually, I should probably say Boy, get over her , as he is the one who has actually [...]

  • I can t believe how much I am enjoying this trilogy On to book 3 Synopsis Hearts break Loved ones are lost Life keeps moving.Olivia Martin s afterlife was dangerous and confusing than her life ever was She thought she was ready to come back, to forget about Holden and to let go of the rage consuming her Fulfilling her destiny as a guardian was all that mattered the past could stay hidden in the crevices of her mind However, when guardians are murdered and the evidence points towards jinn, she h [...]

  • I think Choices is a stellar mid point in this trilogy, and I was happy to read and review both books courtesy of Promotional Book Tours, but I really think you may find yourself asking a lot of questions if you just pick up Choices hint hint If you ve already read Secrets, than this one will not disappoint you one bit It will leave you craving the final leg of the story which sadly isn t out till Fall 2012 yes I checked as soon as I finished Secrets, because I knew I was in love with another tr [...]

  • The thing with sequels is that, it usually gets difficult for the author to live up to the expectations set by the first book Ms.Schulte has definitely delivered a sequel that s as good as the first one if not better.I am finding it really difficult to review this second book in the trilogy without giving out much spoilers So, I will keep it really short The first thing about Choices is that you need to read Secrets first Otherwise you may find yourself doing a lot of wondering and asking a lot [...]

  • I m giving this 4 stars, but I d probably rate it a 3.5 overall The book builds nicely from where the first book Choices leaves off, and its interesting to see where and how the characters progress The world building for the Abyss is really spectacular, and one of the biggest strengths of the book and series The addition of Femi is a nice touch My biggest complaint is the POV for the chapters I like that we get three different characters, but each chapter is from the first person It would be nic [...]

  • I enjoyed the second installment We get a new perspective in this book, that of Quintus, and I loved it I was never once confused by reading three point of views It enhanced the book in my opinion I always find myself rooting for the underdog, in this case Quintus, but I have a feeling he will not be so lucky in the end We see Olivia in training as a guardian, and she has skills which surpass the other guardians The elders also have an interest in her, making you wonder what is in store for Oliv [...]

  • I ve been completely HOOKED on this series since Chapter 2 of Secrets It is a must read I rave about this series to everyone Why I m in love with her Bad Boy Holden Smith I love Liz s writing style and her unique ability to draw me in and hold me until the last page All her books, I read in one sitting because I simply CANNOT put them down Secrets and Choices are both filled with amazing dialogue, heart pounding action, high stakes suspense, and I love all that, but Holden has me wrapped around [...]

  • I Love Books reviewThis book is a little on the boring side The two main characters, Liv and Olden are separated till the very end of the book The author has a habit of writing each chapter in a different view point, which can get very confusing Plus she also repeats herself and its kinda of annoying I do love the storyline and her characters have a lot of depth The heroin is not some perfect woman, she is full of mistakes and regrets which make her so much real Even with the few drawn backs to [...]

  • The series story line is driven with the same conflicts good versus evil, and an impossible love story between two unlikely individuals HOWEVER, that is where the similarities end The concept is unique and keeps you interested from page one I would recommend this to anyone that would like to read an original concept In the realm of fantasy this series ties the impossible together with the human ability to feel, an unlikely presentation of selfishness, selflessness and sacrifice I really liked th [...]

  • This sequel definitely lived up to it s expectation The author leads the reader alongside the characters through confusion and emotions very well I really like the writing style This one took a little slower pace in the beginning but towards the end the excitement picks up and we are left once with anticipation for the final book of the series.I was provided a review copy courtesy of Promotional Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.

  • The first book Secrets felt a little slow to me, so I am glad I went on to the second book, which is a lot livelier There s a lot action in Choices, and I felt like I got to know the main characters a lot better in this one I like that Schulte leaves you with mixed feelings about the characters no one is all good, and no one is all evil at least in terms of the main characters I m looking forward to the imminent I hope release of the final book in the trilogy, Consequences.

  • This trilogy was awesome The whole read was a roller coaster of emotions I no point did I want to stop reading this trilogy I was sucked into this amazing world from the first few pages A wonderfully laid out story that kept me wanting The supporting characters truly made this story One of my favorite stories involving the underworld I read this as my trilogy for the 2015 Reading Challenge

  • Three stars for this book I enjoyed the first in the trilogy, and this second was also good, but it left me just a little with the feeling that it was simply tying together books 1 and 3, with not a great deal of plot development in itself As for book 1, the characters were interesting, and unresolved questions kept the reader intrigued about where the story was going Will definitely read book 3 to find out the answers.

  • AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME I so love this series I rarely give 5 stars, it has to be one of those books, that I dread ending I kept putting it down, because I didn t want it to end I am really looking forward to the next one, but dreading it at the same time I don t want it to end Holden is one of my very favorite characters and I adore Olivia Quintus really got on my nerves though, but that s good, if there isn t someone in a book that gets on your nerves, it would be boring.

  • This series is seriously one of my favorites Actually, the entire fictional universe this author created is one of my favorites Olivia Martin is a character after my own heart Good natured, but stubborn and sometime vengeful, she handles all of her problems in the best way she can, in her beautifully flawed way Holden, on the other hand, is a bit of a tool He is, however, the perfect match to Olivia.

  • I got this one for free off its still free and I was in between books so I thought I would give it a try Its a typical story Opposites attract, forbidden love, controlling guy Which is why I read all three books in 3 days they are pretty short Sometimes it reminded me of Charmed the tv show but I tried to push that aside I found I was reading them just to see what happened.

  • I am in love with this series The first book was amazing, keeping you on your toes, never knowing what was going to happen This one was also amazing Breezed throughed it in a day It captivated me Just bought Consequences and CANNOT wait to start Love this series and the characters I wil definitely be reading by LIz Schulte

  • This roller coaster of a follow up to the Guardian Series Secrets does NOT disappoint Sometimes you get a book 2 in a trilogy that will stall out, but that is most certainly not the case here Repeatedly read and re read by me, does not get old, only brings to life old friends Suspenseful and captivating.

  • I couldn t put it down Wow, I can t believe how much I love this series Olivia is back but doesn t know what or how to feel Her last memories are of the one she loves killing her She s way powerful and has a lot of new tricks up her sleeve They need to find missing guardians but all signs are pointed at Holden, the love of her life.

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