In Fury Born

In Fury Born Best Download || [David Weber] - In Fury Born, In Fury Born Vengeance is a dish served red hot From the time she graduated form high school Alicia DeVries knew what she wanted to do with her life and she did it well Onplanets like Gyangtse Chengchou Fuller In Fury Born Best Download || [David Weber] - In Fury Born, In Fury Born Vengeance is a dish served red hot From the time she graduated form high school Alicia DeVries knew what she wanted to do with her life and she did it well Onplanets like Gyangtse Chengchou Fuller

  • Title: In Fury Born
  • Author: David Weber
  • ISBN: 9781416521310
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
In Fury Born

In Fury Born Best Download || [David Weber], In Fury Born, David Weber, In Fury Born Vengeance is a dish served red hot From the time she graduated form high school Alicia DeVries knew what she wanted to do with her life and she did it well Onplanets like Gyangtse Chengchou Fuller and Louvain she s put her life on the line in defense of her Empire and Emperor again and again She s given her blood and the lives of men and women closer to her than bVengeance is a In Fury Born Best Download || [David Weber] - In Fury Born, In Fury Born Vengeance is a dish served red hot From the time she graduated form high school Alicia DeVries knew what she wanted to do with her life and she did it well Onplanets like Gyangtse Chengchou Fuller

  • In Fury Born Best Download || [David Weber]
    468 David Weber
In Fury Born

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    David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952.Many of his stories have military, particularly naval, themes, and fit into the military science fiction genre He frequently places female leading characters in what have been traditionally male roles.One of his most popular and enduring characters is Honor Harrington whose alliterated name is an homage to C S Forester s character Horatio Hornblower and her last name from a fleet doctor in Patrick O Brian s Master and Commander Her story, together with the Honorverse she inhabits, has been developed through 16 novels and six shared universe anthologies, as of spring 2013 other works are in production In 2008, he donated his archive to the department of Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University.Many of his books are available online, either in their entirety as part of the Baen Free Library or, in the case of recent books, in the form of sample chapters typically the first 25 33% of the work cmillan author davidw

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  • Having recently finished the excellent Honor Harrington series, I decided it was high time to peruse David Weber s backlog of other titles The war related books didn t really interest me, but In Fury Born snared my attention.Alicia DeVries a girl who excels at many things, and being the granddaughter of an infamous marine, one of those things is combat Her sense of Honor and duty are, unsurprisingly for a Weber character, pristine and incorruptible And that s really what the core of the book rev [...]

  • Combat isn t about fair , Alley Combat is about shooting the other guy in the back before he shoots you or one of your buddies in the back You aren t some hero out of a holo drama, and you re not out there on some field of honor you re on a killing ground Never forget that David Weber, the author of this book, has a basic plot device that he uses in many of his books And even though he uses it a lot, to me, it never gets old I like to call it the uh oh, you done messed with the wrong person plot [...]

  • Many other reviewers on this site have noted that this book was written at two different times The old stuff was published as the novel Path of the Fury , and 450 pages of new stuff was added years later at the beginning to remake it into In Fury Born Several reviewers here have commented that the two halves do not fit very well together Most of these have been fans of the original book and don t like the new stuff I certainly agree that the old and new stuff do not sit very well together, howev [...]

  • Wow This is the best SciFi I ve read in a very long time I think that the last time was Ender s game I might have to re read Ender s game to compare which one is the best SciFi appeals to the little boy inside you to identify with the main character even if it s a woman in this case and here, it is damn good for the ego She Alicia starts from being the best in school, then in the marine, then She grows so much and so fast it feels good The action is where this book shine I always read before I g [...]

  • This is a reworked and massively expanded version of Path of the Fury, which was one of my favorite Weber books Essentially adds a prequel to the existing title, unfortunately, Weber was unwilling to do much of a rewrite of the previous material Whereas the original book jumped straight into a rather serious bit of action, spinning out a rather nice mystery as to just who and what Alicia DeVries was and why she was so amazingly badass, this rewrite gives a much slower paced start The new materia [...]

  • This is or less an expanded version of Path of the Fury, with what can be considered a prequel to the original added at the start of the book This fills out elements hinted at in Path of the Fury.While Path of the Fury is a fun little book, this expanded version is horrible Path of the Fury was written early in Weber s career, when he was still writing hard hitting, fast moving, action packed military science fiction Then he slowed down and became a word pooper The new section is ponderous and [...]

  • Oh, horsefeathers Direct quote from the AI entity birthed some 900 years into our future which is touted on the book s cover read.Bring a sketchpad with you because David Weber has a thing for names I am confident in saying that there isn t a single chapter in this 828 MASSIVE book that doesn t introduce some new character by name often there are several There is a nearly 30 page section in the back which is dedicated to the names of characters Yes that is right 30 pages of names If that isn t i [...]

  • In general, this was a truly gripping story of adventure and revenge So gripping, in fact, that I was at times cursing the efficiency of public transportation in my town which required me to put the damn thing down before I was ready Having read many of his other books including his Honor Harrington series, I would say that David Weber is one of the best at creating a true edge of your seat adventure story and this is certainly one of his best The negatives I gave this book a three star rating d [...]

  • I m going to be waiting a while for the sequel huhp when he s not even done with Safehold or Harrington yet sigh Well it was nice discovering new to me Weberverses.

  • Man, I love David Weber s books He really knows how to write action packed sci fi novels I admire and enjoy that.In Fury Born has a 4.19 out of a 5.0 rating on , which is pretty darn good, but you d never realize it by looking at the most recent reviews, many of which are pretty savage Apparently it s because this book is based on an earlier book he wrote which contains the second half of this book What he did with this book was write a 450 page prequel to turn it into a near 900 page beast of a [...]

  • I first read this as a paperback, and liked it so much, I ordered a first edition hard cover edition I have since read it at least five times It starts with a young woman highly motivated, wanting to join the military like her grandfather, one of the only living holders of a specific award for bravery and command intelligence At her graduation from college, she went into the service, and found it very rewarding and challenging Those around her were impressed with her thinking things through, as [...]

  • I like military sci fi and I ve enjoyed in the past other books by Weber I was in the mood for a fun adventure in space and I wanted to like this book But I really, really didn t The part about the Fury is not that bad some scenes were amusing, like the chess game between Alicia and Tisiphone but the rest of the book is worse than bad, it s boring It s bogged down by Alicia s dull perfection and a cast of two dimensional characters And the repetition her father has the exact same conversation bo [...]

  • Pure Awesomesauce In Fury Born is a book in two parts The first half of the book the new stuff is a story of the rise of one Alicia DeVries, in an interstellar special ops military unit I ve always loved Weber s space battle stuff, and this was no exception I was grabbed right from the start, and it never let go.The second half of the book the old stuff is apparently a big rewrite of Weber s earlier Path of the Fury It s a big revenge trip with sentient AIs and a mysterious entity from Greek myt [...]

  • 3.5 starsI enjoyed this book, but the jacket copy on this edition must ve been lifted straight from the original book Path of the Fury, because it didn t indicate at all that this rewritten version added a prequel 600 pages worth before the events in the description even take place I enjoyed the extra reading, but was a bit put off by how long it took to get there, just because of my expectations of where the book was to begin.Overall a very good book in the military sf space opera genre I highl [...]

  • Simply amazing I ve read a lot and a I work in a library so I have access to literally thousands but this blew me away I was two thirds of the way through and had already decided I was going to read it again I read it for the second time 4 weeks later and the thrid time 3 months after that Plent of reviews on line, a couple of them even insightful, I just wanted to share my enthusiasm Was surprised to discover I rarely like other Weber s I have, in fact, put down five because they didn t enthral [...]

  • I thought I had read this, but as it turned out, it was the original this is the extended version Much better boom, neat background, everything Still didn t like the Fury herself but that s the schtick of the book, so you accept it The only concern I have is that the main character doesn t seem to have any social life, but considering she s a genius and the life she chose, that s not that surprising But you don t care, because it s a romping ride through space

  • This book came to my hands when I needed it It s a roaring tale, and it s also a discussion of justice and mercy and the need for rule of law I read it avidly, and I cried I loved it, and learned from it.

  • Love this book Total, complete, and wholehearted recommendation to lovers of sci fi A non stop romp through the life of Alicia DeVries as she takes on the universe.

  • Contains the whole Fury storyTakes the whole segment and rolls it into the full story It s not as long or as intricate as some of his other story series but a good one.

  • I really enjoyed this special ops military space opera It s all about our protagonist Alicia DeVries journey on becoming the most accomplished soldier out there Actually, this is the second release of the book Path of Fury with additional 400 pages of earlier life events from Alicia DeVries journey, so the new title In Fury Born This new book covers two different sides of her journey, her military stint, and her revenge crusade Having first read the Path of fury, I essentially knew the ending of [...]

  • If you re into hard military sci fi, then this is your book The story revolves around Alicia DeVries, and really makes her a believable almost super human character Weber has created an richly drawn universe, and the reader will be drawn in immediately It is non stop action for 838 pages, and each military scenario is tense, exciting and heart pounding.I would have given this 4 stars, except the detailed military maneuver and strategy descriptions get redundant after the 3rd or 4th time I love s [...]

  • After a long time, I finally found something worth reading It was a bit boring time to time and there were some big logic holes, lack of world and character building in the story which bothered me, as well as the clumsy, hasty wrapping to end the adventure of the mc, but overall it was a good read.My problem with the author is that the lack of character depth, combined with the unoriginality of the weak plot, killed any interest for me to try another of his books I vaguely remember throwing anot [...]

  • I give this 3.5 stars rounded to 4 The first half was pretty similar to Honor Harrington if she d been a marine instead of fleet , which to me is a good thing, the resemblance It dragged a bit, but I think that s because it was put in after the initially written book, so it s kind of understandable.The Fury related stuff later was a bit bizarre, but if you kind of blinked your eyes and ignored some of the ridiculous aspects of it, it was pretty fun.In general, if you already like Weber s sci fi, [...]

  • A very good story with lots of can I believe it parts.The print is far too small, this makes it difficult to read for than a few minutes I was initially lost when Tisiphone was introduced It seems like an add on in hopes of salvaging the main character and their story It works, some how, and eventually comes away with a rather interesting final set of sequence to an everything comes out well in the end It is a good complex read.

  • A romping tale and would be 5 stars except the jumping forward in time was jarring and always occurred just as things were getting interesting Would have worked better as separate stories rather than combined all in one And as I think about it, I think it might have been that originally before being reworked into a single story Which didn t really work.

  • First couple of sections were actually interesting, even if the combat is particularly although not gratuitously bloody Ground troops are far understandable than space warfare The AI ship is cool There is, as usual in Weber s books, a section of exposition where my eyes glazed over.Do note that Book 2 isn t It s an earlier version of this book.

  • Alicia DeVries has always wanted to be a warrior and boy has she succeeded Trainee, marine, drop commando, emperors Cadre and alpha sync ship pilot, she excels at all of them Forced into an unlikely symbiosis not only with her AI, but also with a mythical entity she is suspected, outlawed and eventually exonerated Weber again gives free rein to a fertile imagination.

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