Embraced by Darkness

[PDF] Download ↠ Embraced by Darkness : by Keri Arthur - Embraced by Darkness, Embraced by Darkness Just when guardian Riley Jenson thought her life was getting back on track fate throws her another curve ball The alpha of her estranged pack and the man who tried to kill her by throwing her off a m [PDF] Download ↠ Embraced by Darkness : by Keri Arthur - Embraced by Darkness, Embraced by Darkness Just when guardian Riley Jenson thought her life was getting back on track fate throws her another curve ball The alpha of her estranged pack and the man who tried to kill her by throwing her off a m

  • Title: Embraced by Darkness
  • Author: Keri Arthur
  • ISBN: 9780749938178
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
Embraced by Darkness

[PDF] Download ↠ Embraced by Darkness : by Keri Arthur, Embraced by Darkness, Keri Arthur, Embraced by Darkness Just when guardian Riley Jenson thought her life was getting back on track fate throws her another curve ball The alpha of her estranged pack and the man who tried to kill her by throwing her off a mountainside demands her help to find his missing granddaughter [PDF] Download ↠ Embraced by Darkness : by Keri Arthur - Embraced by Darkness, Embraced by Darkness Just when guardian Riley Jenson thought her life was getting back on track fate throws her another curve ball The alpha of her estranged pack and the man who tried to kill her by throwing her off a m

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Embraced by Darkness : by Keri Arthur
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Embraced by Darkness

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    Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written than 25 books She s received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Awards, and recently won RT s Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs

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  • People have such low standards for their heroines, it is really kind of sad Riley does stupid stuff, treats her boyfriend like crap, and is openly disdainful to her boss I guess that adds up to totally cool if you have super powers I keep thinking she will start to annoy me less, but quite the opposite Her whining about not being able to sleep with everything with a penis, her constant rudeness to everyone, and the fact that she can t think her way out of a paper bag make me crazy.The books are [...]

  • sigh Perhaps I am in a reading funk Perhaps I am not giving Arthur s last two books a fair chance Nonetheless, I shall write my honest opinion This book put me to sleep Riley Jenson, a Guardian super non human cop who is apparently judge, jury and executioner, wiggles her way into or out of the fear of commitment to Kellen, an alpha werewolf yadda yadda He wants to protect her She doesn t need his protection He wants the white picket fence She wants to dig her fingers into her flesh to remove th [...]

  • Once again, Keri Arthur pulled it off The series is still going strong for me Riley is an awesome heroine In this book, she was of a one man kind of woman so her sex life was not nearly as outrageous as it normally tends to be Being book 5 in the series, I think it was a good choice to put Riley at a crossroads of sortse is forced to make some tough decisions Her life is ever changing and in several ways not as I had expected The experimental drugs that were forced on her in earlier books are b [...]

  • I have to say that so far each book in this series has gotten a little bit better than the last one Once again Riley is involved with another murder investigation with the Directorate She s finally kicked Quinn to the curb and is spending quality time with Kellen Some people from her and Rhoan s past make an appearance and ask Riley for a favor However, these aren t friendly people and they don t ask nice Kellen asks Riley to make an important decision in this book too I don t want to give away [...]

  • I loved the first three Riley Jenson books I had a bit of trouble with Dangerous Games, but I enjoyed it by the end and I was looking forward to Embraced by Darkness Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed and I m a little worried the magic of Riley Jenson is gone for me There is no denying that Keri Arthur is a good author I like her writing style I like the paranormal world she s created I love the fact that her heroine kicks major ass So, why was I disappointed I think this is a matter of per [...]

  • No picket fences yet for Riley The thing I love about these books is that Riley is such a capable kick butt heroine Being a werewolf vampire crossbreed means that the bad guys tend to underestimate her Even when her equally amazing brother is around to lend a hand, it is still Riley that saves the day Riley continues to struggle with her love life and search for her soul mate, and she continues to develope amazing new powers as a result of a fertility drug she was slipped in book one Many of the [...]

  • Thank God I ve finished this book It took me a couple of weeks to finish it because I found it so boring I thought this was a waste of a story in this series Like I said in a previous review, Kellen is such a pointless character I m glad he s gone That was the only good thing to come out of this book, even thought there was no Quinn all It was good to see that Riley has stopped her constant moaning about being a Guardian and even seems to embrace it It was obvious that Riley and Rhoan s past was [...]

  • I m going to give this book a 3.5 Now don t get me wrong I still love my Riley Jensen, but come on now no Quinn Point deductions for that It was an interesting story line and of course Riley is her usual kick ass self But on another note how many times can this poor girl get shot full of silver and live to tell the tale.LOL Obviously I m glad she does but in this book it was a bit overkill IMO Still loving the series though.

  • Wow, this book was so fantastic So many ups and downs, and it was freaking fantastic But that ending, oh I need to read

  • Riley is supposed to be on holiday to recover from events in the previous books but she never has been one to sit around doing nothing This time her holiday is spoiled when she is contacted by a member of her mother s pack the pack that exiled her Rhoan for being half breeds Riley wants as little to do with them as they have had to do with her but now they need her help one of their pack members has gone missing and they want Riley to find her If Riley refuses then her mother will be killed a th [...]

  • Riley Jenson needs all her supernatural abilities to hunt down a particularly eerie serial killer, in Keri Arthur s Embraced by Darkness.Riley Jenson is one of the Directorate of Other Races guardians, trained to hunt and destroy her prey With both vampire and werewolf genes, she is mostly werewolf, but has a host of other paranormal skills she can switch her vision to infrared, is clairvoyant, and can wrap shadows around herself Mixing searching for a missing pack member and investigating recen [...]

  • Promosso a pieni voti anche questo quinto romanzo dedicato alla nostra Riley, mezzosangue met licantropo e met vampiro, che assieme al fratello gemello Rhoan si trover nuovamente invischiata in una caccia all assassino veramente particolare e sanguinariamente intrigante, per gli amanti del genere.In questo romanzo, che vede mancare interamente il nostro beneamino Quinn anche se il signorino si pi volte comportato male con Riley, ci manca , abbiamo il piacere di veder investigare assieme i due ge [...]

  • In the begining of the fifth installment of Keri Arthur s half werewolf, half vampire heroine, Riley Jenson, we find her chasing her tail with boredom on a forced vacation Even the beauty of Monitor Island can t seem to calm the new huntress Riley finds rising inside her But all the doubts and worries circling inside her are shoved aside when the Alpha of the red wolf pack shows up to get Riley to searching for a missing wolf of their pack All the old hurts rise inside of Riley as she remembers [...]

  • Synopsis The book starts with Riley on holiday on Monitor island to recover from all the events of the last year and last four books She is contacted, in her head, by a member of her former pack, Blake Jenson, who demands that she looks into the disappearance of a pack member, Adrienne, and threatens to hurt Riley and Rhoan s mother if she doesn t comply A mother who in all aspects of life abandoned them because of their dual heritage Blake, it seems, is also the new alpha of the pack, and someo [...]

  • For me this was the weakest book, which considering how awesome this series is does not make this a bad book Not in the least However, every series has one book that just seems to lose some of the punch The mystery in Embraced by Darkness is probably where I had the biggest issue, because it was weaker then the other books and I could actually predict who the villains were and how everything was connected Riley again kept leaving her weapon behind, and someone is basically out to kill her No rea [...]

  • Description She s hunting a killer and shattering every boundary she s ever known Part vamp, part werewolf, Riley Jenson plays by her own rules, whether it s her stormy love life or her job as a guardian But when her family s alpha male demands that she solve the mystery of a vanished girl, Riley can feel a trap closing in around her Because the job comes with a catch if Riley fails, her own mother will die Now the stakes are raised, the hunt is ond when women vanish, Riley is caught between a [...]

  • Slight spoilers ahead I have absolutely loved this series thus far and was excited to start this book For me, this book was a little lacking compared to the previous books in the series Riley finally decided to go after her dreams and try to settle down with Kellan Kellan, rightly so, has decided that he can t continue to be second to Riley s job a job he can t protect her from and that is playing havoc with the alpha wolf.Even though I m team Quinn , he wasn t in this book, except for in Riley [...]

  • It s strange, but there s something relaxing about reading these books, even though I m not really that into this series They re a bit too dark and gruesome for my tastes I also find them a little boring because Riley thinks so much and keeps repeating things over and over and over The overriding theme of this particular book is that Riley prefers hazelnut coffee, but several things are almost as good I did have an oh that sucks moment at the end of the book It s amazing how often Quinn was ment [...]

  • I am a big fan of this series, it just gets better The main character, Riley is a half werewolf, half vampire who is constantly putting her life on the line ridding the world of bad vampires shifters demons crazy humans, etc Riley is really growing up, learning how to accept and adjust to her circumstances I have always liked Riley for accepting her nature and having a pretty good self esteem So, even though her character is going through massive changes, she rolls with the punches pretty good.T [...]

  • Before moving to Melbourne with her twin, Riley and Rhoan were part of a werewolf pack that treated them poorly Now, the Alpha is in town demanding she take on a mission for him A girl has gone missing and Riley s mother will die if she doesn t do as the Alpha requests.She s also trying to give everything to her relationship with Kellen, another werewolf and an Alpha, but he doesn t want to share her with her job as a Guardian The fifth book in the series, it wasn t as gripping as the previous b [...]

  • A four star rating in the middle of a 1 2 star series Say it isn t so I really enjoyed this book, and I think it was in large part due to the fact that the bad guys were actually trying to kill Riley, not sleep with her If you ve read the first four books, you re probably as shocked as I am In fact, there was less sex in general in this book, which forces it to stand on storytelling alone which, to Arthur s credit, it does quite well It s also nice to see some character development And thank goo [...]

  • Mi piaciuto moltissimo ma la parte pi bella secondo me stata il due di picche che gli ha mollato Kellen a Riley quando lei gli ha detto che si era decisa ad impegnarsi seriamente con lui Li sono stata letteralmente felice cos impara Quinn le aveva fatto la stessa proposta di Kellen ma lei aveva rifiutato per quando gliel ha fatta il nostro alfa lei ha accettato cos penso che si letteralmente meritata il rifiuto di Kellen.Se non si capito tifo Quinn e meno male che nel prossimo libro ritorner e t [...]

  • Riley is becoming a Guardian whether she likes it or not And she has some major decisions to make regarding her love life I m looking forward to from this series to see of her powers grow

  • No Quinn here but plenty of action and lovin other wise.BUT enough with the same adjectives and descriptions kaleidoscope of sensation ugh

  • In questo nuovo capitolo della serie Riley si ritrova ad investigare su pi omicidi commessi da un serial killer che vuole vendetta e da uno spirito terribile che colpisce con una violenza inaudita Il sesso, pur non mancando, notevolmente messo da parte,rispetto ai precedenti libri, per la storia non mi ha convinto molto alcune parti non mi hanno trasmesso la solita adrenalina, ma in compenso ho trovato accattivante il finale, con un bel colpo di scena e continuano a piacermi molto i battibecchi [...]

  • content note infidelity, murderWhat could be worse than a god of darkness and pain and death A spirit out for revenge possessing others to fulfill its desires Meanwhile, an old enemy, now leader of her former pack, has contacted Riley to demand she investigate his granddaughter s disappearance or he will kill her mother Throw in someone trying to kill her and Kellen pressing for an exclusive commitment and Riley has than her hands full.

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