Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen Best Download || [Kate Locke] - Long Live the Queen, Long Live the Queen Xandra Vardan thought life would be simpler when she accepted the goblin crown and became their queen but life has only become complicated Everyone vampires werewolves and humans wants the goblins o Long Live the Queen Best Download || [Kate Locke] - Long Live the Queen, Long Live the Queen Xandra Vardan thought life would be simpler when she accepted the goblin crown and became their queen but life has only become complicated Everyone vampires werewolves and humans wants the goblins o

  • Title: Long Live the Queen
  • Author: Kate Locke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen Best Download || [Kate Locke], Long Live the Queen, Kate Locke, Long Live the Queen Xandra Vardan thought life would be simpler when she accepted the goblin crown and became their queen but life has only become complicated Everyone vampires werewolves and humans wants the goblins on their side because whoever has the goblins wins Queen Victoria wants her head Alpha wolf Vex wants her heart and she still doesn t know the identity of thXandra Vardan thought Long Live the Queen Best Download || [Kate Locke] - Long Live the Queen, Long Live the Queen Xandra Vardan thought life would be simpler when she accepted the goblin crown and became their queen but life has only become complicated Everyone vampires werewolves and humans wants the goblins o

  • Long Live the Queen Best Download || [Kate Locke]
    328 Kate Locke
Long Live the Queen

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    Kate Locke has always enjoyed making things up a trait that often got her into trouble as a child, but by which she enjoys making a living Before writing fiction full time she worked as cook, a journalist and in a photo finishing lab where she saw enough pictures of naked people to rival Hugh Hefner A guy once asked her out after giving her a roll of film that he expressly requested she develop and print The entire roll was images of him stark naked in the woods And no, that s the kind of thing you just don t make up.In her late 20s Kate sold her first book and enjoyed a 10 year career writing under a different name Her love of fantasy and the paranormal refused to leave her alone, and one day, while sitting on the couch thinking of making a very scary career move, she started jotting down notes for a book she wanted to write just for the pure enjoyment of it a book just for herself That book became God Save the Queen Her agent thought they could sell it Kate wasn t certain Then, the day after having her gall bladder removed again, can t make this stuff up , Kate got the call that Orbit books her dream publisher for God Save the Queen had made an offer And it s been exciting than she ever imagined.Like Xandra Vardan, the heroine in God Save the Queen, Kate values those she loves above all else, and has hair a color not typically found in nature Unfortunately, Kate s comes from a bottle She s married to a fabulous man who doesn t seem to care what she does to her hair, puts up with her occasional craziness, helps her plot, and treats her like she s the best thing since lipgloss.Kate Locke is pseudonym for Kathryn Smith aka Kate Cross Kady Cross

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  • Initial Thoughts If you ve read and likedGod Save the Queenand The Queen Is Dead, then you are in for a real treat Long Live the Queen was a fun romp through an alternate history of England where Queen Victoria is a vampire and the aristocracy read full blooded vamps rule the roost Our heroine Xandra has come into her own and she holds up quite well against Queen Victoria There s some fantastic banter between the two and the story is fast paced and fun Be warned that this book has a special voca [...]

  • I just could not finish this, I really enjoyed the first 2 books in this series and really went into this with high hopes and was hoping to enjoy reading on Vex McLaughlin also goblin queen Xandy Varden I managed about half way before I gave in, as it just lacked for me, I could not get into it and it bored me too, it lacked a little pizzazz not sure what that means, but seemed fitting lol ally sad that this series didn t go all the way for me, as I don t like to not finish the full story, but [...]

  • 3.75 STARS dew to some minor plot inconsistences and small plot holes, that stll managed not to diminish the fun I did enjoy it very much, the characters really grew on me and some surprised me pleasantly The worldbuilding was very interesting also and I wish it was explored even further I feel like I already miss this world and its people and if there is another book in the future I would definitely read it.

  • I received this book for free from Orbit via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Genre Steampunk, Paranormal Rating 3.0 My Thoughts Long Live the Queen is the conclusion of The Immortal Empire trilogy Goblin Queen Xandra Vardan faces even challenges, some very personal, when the secrets about the labs, those responsible for creating them, and one very special creation comes calling on Xandra causing one maj [...]

  • Trigger warnings blood, gore, violence, death of a parent, human bodies being eaten That last one s probably less of a trigger warning and of a this grossed me out warning, tbh I think this is probably my favourite of the trilogy I loved getting to know about Queen Victoria and her past, and I did not anticipate the big reveal where William was concerned There were a couple of elements of the story that I wish had been a little fleshed out than they were view spoiler I wanted of an emotional [...]

  • Long Live the Queen was a spell binding, mind twisting, macabre tale This was my first trip into Kate Locke s The Immortal Empire world and she utterly captivated me Obviously, this book can stand alone Although, I will be back reading the first two books in this series because I was entranced by Locke s writing.We are catapulted deep into the dark aristocratic world, a world where werewolves, vampires and goblins rule A world where humans, halfies breeds and pure bloods hold onto a tenuous truc [...]

  • Sadly, this was one of those times when I delayed too much in reading the sequel and I grew too detached from the series The writing was easy to read, the plot was nicely developed, the ending was surprising and good, BUT The story never engaged me as much as previous books.I m sad that Kate Locke does not have books published, since I really loved the idea and the characters from The Immortal Empire series But I saw that she writes under other pen names too, so I ll check those out

  • Xandra, Goblin Queen, is coming and accustomed to being a goblin and even staring down Victoria or sniping at her across the table but even as her life grows stable the city and the country succumbs to and unrest There s a movement led by Xandra s own mother to depose the aristocracy, some vampire aristocrats are gunning for the Queen, the human masses are rising up violently and under it all the brutal, horrific experimentations continue in secret laboratories on half bloods inflaming all [...]

  • A perfect ending to a fantastic paranormal steampunk series that I m sad to see come to an end.Xandra has faced numerous problems since learning of her status among the goblins She has struggled with her identity, with others reactions to her and has had a difficult time of deciding which direction she wants her life to take But in this conclusion she has become powerful, confident, and deserving of the title that she has been given.Vex remains by her side, just as supportive and charming as [...]

  • The endNoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I came to the end and was all There should be Seriously, there should be , like at least one I know some books go on and on, but I felt like, at least one would have been good Sigh.Mooooooooooore Xandra does her best to try to find those behind the evil labs Humans are angrier than ever, and I loved some of the points in this one Xandra asked when someone they loved had last been hurt, they were all silent Damn humans, keep it down.So that happen [...]

  • Although I really liked the ending to this trilogy, I liked the first two books better It really was a 4 1 2, lower side.So my main reason for not liking it as much as the first two is that I saw the bad guy from the beginning and instead of being along for the ride, I felt waiting for her to discover what I already was pretty sure of For the first two books, I was along for the ride even during the relationship part In this one, the relationship is well established and you get how well establi [...]

  • Oh how I wish this one had been longer.As with the first two books, this one was not perfect, yet it was still really enjoyable I d like to say it was my favourite in the series, yet part of me argues number two earned that position Whatever way you look at it, it was still an enjoyable read.As with the prior books, questions are answered as we learn and about the world Whilst there were some inconsistencies in this book, it wasn t enough to leave me unwilling to finish the series I just convi [...]

  • Another great addition to an awesome series Xandra has established herself as the Goblin Queen I was happy to see that she s come to terms with her nature and all that it entails i.e eating humans I love Xandra She s a nice mixture of rough and tough, sarcastic but with a heart that loves her goblins, her siblings and Vex.Vexmmm.Vex I would love to read at least one chapter in his POV So delicious This is most definitely one of my favorite series and also one that is hard to review without spoil [...]

  • I dont know why this one didnt grab me as much as the first two, but my mind was wandering a lot i think i wasnt invested in the mystery of this one it was like I had no emotional attachment to any of the characters I think I needed to read something lighter after Allegiant I should have saved this book for the right moment

  • You can also find this review on my blog Wings of NephilimI received a copy Long Live the Queen via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Favorite Quote For a little while we were indeed immortal, and forever stretched out before us I feel like this book went by so fast I really enjoyed it It had a nice feeling of completion that tied up a lot of loose ends The conclusion to this fabulous series was another wild ride that was well worth it.Once again I was immersed in the realm of a darker [...]

  • The final installment of the Immortal Empire series is a fitting finish It gives us enough twists and turns, mystery, romance, and humor to really enjoy the overall story told starting all the way back in God Save the Queen The surprises are fast and furious, the reveals are neatly handled, and the relationships truly grow into their own as each layer is peeled back Locke adds in a few new elements namely a Frankenstein element that fits quite neatly into the subtle laboratory work mentioned and [...]

  • 3.5The concluding book of this trilogy may be my least favorite of the series but I still liked it.I can t really put my finger on what felt off about it I mean, some of it was the same issues in past books Lexi often seems to do the whole one step forward, two steps back thing Also, there s just too much repetition and circular thought processes Like, I don t know how many times Xandra had to point out that her world used to be black and white, but now she s seeing people in shades of grey It [...]

  • The plot was bad It was very similar to Up From the Grave although in all fairness this book was published first I liked the plot even less in Up From the Grave At least in this book the problem was dealt with the right way A young, crazy killer appeared, and she looked just like Xandy Something about psychotic, killer children being developed in labs from stolen genetic material isn t interesting to me Being a mother I understand the desire to protect your kid, but I can t relate to it in a sit [...]

  • This was a really stunning and awesome conclusion to this series I have to say I am going to miss these characters as they provided me with lots of days of entertainment and fun The characters were so well developed and well thought out that I couldn t help but to fall in love with them I became invested in their lives and how it was all going to play out Xandy has a lot to deal with in this book as she has to come against a creature that is just as powerful as her,she suffers another loss and t [...]

  • This book was an outstanding and outstandingly amazing conclusion to the Immortal Empire trilogy I m rather in shock that it s over, though It had a highly satisfactory ending but Xandra and Vex are still alive, so how can that be The End ArghBut I did do love this story I was rather surprised that the big bad turned out to be view spoiler Bertie, otherwise known as Prince Albert and heir to Queen Victoria hide spoiler I knew it would be someone high up, but I wasn t expecting it to be someone w [...]

  • This was the third and final installment in The Immortal Empire series and I was so sorry to see it end I actually had to take a break after listening to this series I was experiencing a doozy of a book hangover and just wasn t quite ready to dive into something else I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.I knew from the very beginning of book 1, God Save the Queen, that the author wasn t afraid of heading into the dark side and killing off likable characters In book 2, The Queen is [...]

  • A great end to the trilogy The heroine didn t think she knew everything, or try to solve the whole problem herself, showing she was maturing It was a small thing, but I was struck by the evolution of her impression of Dede by this third book She went from Avery is the devil and Dede was wronged, to Dede was not strong enough for this world but was still an imperfect angel, finally to there not being anyone who could have loved her enough to satisfy Dede It was little reflections like this, wheth [...]

  • I skipped the second one so I can t attest to this one being better or worst I did read the first book in the series and enjoyed it This one was really just kind of eh to me There were some weird political vibes that left me uncomfortable a Nativist attitude that smacks slightly of being just tad anti immigrant The story line takes this odd set where humans are against the supernatural beings, and the main character places the blame soley on the humans Yet she continues to describe pretty grueso [...]

  • I love this series In fact, I love the whole world that Kate Locke built for this series Without going into spolierific territory, this third book was everything I wanted it to be Questions were answered, issues were resolved and the dust settled in ways I totally hadn t expected it to Although I am the first person to gripe when a writer tries to take a success into ten or sequels, I really hope that this is not the end of this world or these characters for us Although conflicts were resolved, [...]

  • Excellent finish to this series Events in this one pick up right after The Queen Is Dead Good mystery regarding Ali and who or rather, what, she is The big bad gets a fitting end I really enjoyed this world and Xandra, who is kickass She really comes into her own and I enjoyed the journey This series also has strong supporting characters as well Blood Betrayal Gore

  • Great book Really enjoyed it Xandra is such a great main character and she does a very nice job with all the supporting characters as well Really good plot The narrator does a really nice job with all of these.

  • Couldnt finish it I got to the point where I was sick about hearing how great her the protagonist boyfriend is,along with the authors secret wishlist of life.Shame, could have finished the series of nice but it was too much in the end.

  • This was a fantastic series with an excellent ending I hated completed it and prolonged it as much as possible but It had to end I love Xandra and Vex Oh yum.

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