Intel C3101

Intel’s first product, this is a 64-bit SRAM (Static Random Access Memory).

   The very first product Intel released, in April of 1969, was the 3101 64-bit SRAM. It applied the newly developed Schottky Bipolar technology, which made it twice as fast as earlier implementations. This made it very fast (access times of 60ns) but very power hungry. It dissipated 525mW, over half a watt, for 64-bits of memory.

 The 3101 had a memory capacity of 64 bits which was organized as 16 4-bit words. The 4 bit words were addressed with an on-board 1×16 decoder using 4 leads. The 1101 was developed using a silicon gate PMOS technology. The 3101 and 1101 projects were started at the same time to determine, which technology could be brought to market first. Although the 3101 won the contest, the bipolar technology ultimately lost because silicon gate technology was used in the giant commercial success, the Intel 1103 DRAM. 


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