Intel C8080A

Succeeding the Intel 8008 microprocessor, the Intel 8080 was designed by Masatoshi Shima and Federico Faggin. The Intel 8080 was the second 8-bit microprocessor manufactured by Intel and was released in 1974. The microprocessor was considered an enhanced as well as extended version of the preceding 8008 microprocessor. The Intel 8080 microprocessor was one of the most popular microprocessors ever produced. Clones of the 8080 processor were made in USSR, Poland, CSSR, Hungary and Romania.

The 8080 had a 16 bit address bus and an 8 bit data bus. Internally it had seven 8 bit registers (A-E, H, L – pairs BC, DE and HL could be combined as 16 bit registers), a 16 bit stack pointer to memory which replaced the 8 level internal stack of the 8008, and a 16 bit program counter. It also had several I/O ports – 256 of them, so I/O devices could be hooked up without taking away or interfering with the addressing space, and a signal pin that allowed the stack to occupy a separate bank of memory

The 8080 family is also referred to as the MCS-80.


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