[PDF] Read ↠ Impulsively : by Colleen Masters - Impulsively, Impulsively Quinn a good girl with a past tortured by organized crime determined to bring down the two biggest motorcycle clubs in Vegase never anticipated a complication like Brooks The damaged bad boy womani [PDF] Read ↠ Impulsively : by Colleen Masters - Impulsively, Impulsively Quinn a good girl with a past tortured by organized crime determined to bring down the two biggest motorcycle clubs in Vegase never anticipated a complication like Brooks The damaged bad boy womani

  • Title: Impulsively
  • Author: Colleen Masters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ↠ Impulsively : by Colleen Masters, Impulsively, Colleen Masters, Impulsively Quinn a good girl with a past tortured by organized crime determined to bring down the two biggest motorcycle clubs in Vegase never anticipated a complication like Brooks The damaged bad boy womanizer and the newest member of the Dante s Nine MC has set his sights on her and now it s game over She knows what s at stake getting involved with an outlaw like BrooksQuinn a good girl w [PDF] Read ↠ Impulsively : by Colleen Masters - Impulsively, Impulsively Quinn a good girl with a past tortured by organized crime determined to bring down the two biggest motorcycle clubs in Vegase never anticipated a complication like Brooks The damaged bad boy womani

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Impulsively : by Colleen Masters
    109 Colleen Masters

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    Hey there,I m Colleen Masters, author of the Faster Series Thank you so much for swinging by and checking out my stories As an indie romance author, your support means everything to me Let me tell you a little bit about myselfI grew up in Central Jersey, and studied Theatre Arts and English at Monmouth University Going to college right next to the beach Hell yes D My dream has always been to make a profession out of writing, so I moved to NYC five years ago and have been working my butt off to make that dream come true ever since Right now, I m living on the Upper East Side with my darling fianc and our corgi, Frodo Bit of a lit nerd, what can I say All of my friends get such a kick out of my survival job, but I don t really see my writing as a day job at all it s way too fun for that These books are truly a labor of love, and I m so happy to share them with you I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them xoCM

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  • I received a call of this book from Hearts Collective for a honest review.This was a sweet story It really focused on Red versus the what was going on in the MC clubs.Brooks issues had been built up to seem than they really were And the this story overall isn t realistic.What you don t want to write about an MC book is that it s sweet.

  • Quinn goes undercover as Kiera a computer nerd perfect for Kassie s online business CrowdedNest The FBI is convinced that Dante s Nine has to be a front for something.So Quinn Keira Red is born Her brother was killed by a gang years ago and is convinced an MC is just another gang.She is wrong and falls head first real friends and a alpha bad ass biker lover She also realizes that right wrong is definitely not as she thought And she spearheads a plan to bring down the real bad guy.I do like this [...]

  • It was ok, but everything was a little repetitive at this point All three books have similar storylines and it wasn t quite as interesting when reading it the third time over.

  • ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT Amazingly written, full of all the grit and drama you d expect in an mc book, oh and not forgetting HOY SEXY ALPHA MALE BIKERS

  • A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review I recently subscribed to Hearts Collective and when you subscribe you have the opportunity to read and review their latest novels when they come out so people go subscribe So I got an email saying that Impulsively was out and that, if I wished, I could get a copy to review it, you just had to email Hearts Collective They answered really quick so after about half an hour I was in the possession of this book.I was super excited to start reading [...]

  • Colleen, you had me at the dedication I am awesome because your books bring out something a lot fierce and kinky in me WellI was already eccentric to begin with LOL Your words in this book are amazing The witty banter between Quinn and Brooks had me hot, bothered, and laughing so hard Let me back up thoughe break up scene with Milo, freaking hilarious It takes a certain writer to connect with her his readers and you definitely always deliver Quinn is fierce, smart, sexy, beautiful, witty, and s [...]

  • I really really wanted to LOVE this bookbut I ended up in just really like land d I think it had to do with some of the plot twists that seemed way too over the top and not realisticd with a serious plot, I need a certain amount of realism to believe the story.Quinn Keira is an FBI agent who after two years of training is ordered to go undercover to try to find illegal activities working for a company owned by two MC old ladies Kassie and Kelly Declan and Leo s women.Caleb is a new membera gree [...]

  • Quinn works for the FBI She s been assigned to work undercover as Keira and try to get information on two MC clubs in Vegas Her assignment is to get hired by Kassie and Kelly, who we met in books 1 and 2, and see if she can find anything wrong or illegal in their online business She s just accepted the job when she comes face to face with Brooks, and her world spins He s the most gorgeous man she s even seen and the sexual tension between them can be cut with a knife Brooks makes his intentions [...]

  • DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain spoilers, quotes, rants, cussing sometimes I cannot help myself and a possible full on recap I in no way want to ruin anyone s book reading experience so please read my words with caution.27 year old Quinn Collins works for the cyber division based out of San Bernardino, California She recently made the move to Las Vegas to spearhead a task force with Agent Jeff Bruno to take down two notorious MCs Dante s Nine [...]

  • A biker and an FBI agent undercover makes for an interesting book Quinn starts out as your nerdy girl who works in the cyber crimes unit She even has a nerdy boyfriend, who only seems interested in himself She is summoned from CA to Las Vegas to work on an ongoing investigation undercover This assignment will turn her world upside down Her first day undercover she meets Brooks Can you say yummy alpha male because he is that an so much Quinn is soon invested in a world she never thought possible [...]

  • Quinn Collins works for the F.B.I in the cyber crimes unit She looks for discrepancies and has been doing this job for two years When Agent Mitchell shows up to bring her back to Las Vegas to go undercover on a job She has never gone undercover much less worked outside of the office But Mitchell assures her that she will be investigating the CrowdedNest website owned by Kassie Bennett and with help from Kelly Rodgers, to see if there is illegal activity on the site and with the MC Along the way [...]

  • Brooks is one assertive man, yes, he growls, cupping my chin and forcing me to meet his gaze I am And even if you won t admit it, I know you want me to Denying that won t make it any less true, babe He s just a carefree bird no matter what the situation is, yeah you did, he laughs, shaking his head, you party hard I appreciate that in a woman Relax, would you We had a great time Well there is one situation that he s not so care free about and that s his girl s safety, I do think, I say He knows [...]

  • 4 Solid StarsOk, I have LOVED the first 2 books in this series and I truly liked this book a lot Unfortunately for me, I felt this book fell slightly short because of my immense love and connection I had and felt with the other 2 storiesI liked this book a lot don t get me wrong but to me it wasn t great, I felt like I couldn t or didn t have enough time to get caught up in these two I think it just all happened so fast for me, the insta love and insta sex It was good but wish it had of a build [...]

  • Impulsively is a Great ReadI really enjoyed the storyline, and the fact that it included a plot could have went a predictable stereotype way and did not Quinn and Brooks make a great couple and I enjoyed the friendship that developed between them and the other women I have read other titles in this series this was a very nice addition to it imho Iwould like to see a book about Tyke next I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity.

  • Another killerMiss Masters is, by far, my most favorite adult romance author ever And she nailed it again Her MC books make me want to head on out to Vegas and find me my very own biker boy Yum I love the way things come together in her stories, happy endings and love everafter It doesn t happen in real life, but her books aren t about real life fantasies, pure and simple I love everything about Impulsively and every other book I ve read of her s so far 3

  • It was fun getting to know new characters for the Dante s Nine Brooks and Quinn Keira most definitely had a love at first sight thing going on, even if she didn t want to admit it This was an interesting story She was FBI, he was in a MC She was on the job, but that soon turned personal It was a fun story I truly enjoyed it and I love that all the other characters were in this one too.

  • Received a copy from author for a honest review I really enjoyed the book but didn t love it as I have other books from Colleen Masters Storyline was action packed and entertaining with steamy interaction between Brooks and Quinn Parts of the story just seemed rushed making it hard to get into it I definitely will read by this author.

  • This was the 3rd book in her Dante s Nine MC series, and yes it is best to read them in order.I found this book to be okay, it was not nearly as good as the first or second, especially the ending when some of the content seemed a little far fetched It was definitely a lite read as well compared to the other two.

  • I thought the first 2 were decent for what they were MC Romances but the 3rd is a repeat that doesn t completely make sense In Impossibly one of the strippers at the Playpen is a red head who s name is Quinn, so that threw me off from the start Next, it s great that the women are all hella feminist computer programers but can t we mix it up a little

  • Quinn is an eager FBI agent and happy to take a new assignment in Las Vegas What she doesn t expect is to like the people she is investigating or to fall for Brooks She does her job and cannot find anything on the Old Ladies she is looking into or their business But after a threat from another agent Quinn starts to thinks she is looking in the wrong direction.

  • Picked this one on Impulse Sometimes those are the best kind I liked this book It is not what I consider a full blown MC book because you aren t submersed in their world, you re on the peripheral However it is a unique plot that I have not read before MC FBI was fun and kept me interested Holy hotness on the sexy scenesdidn t hurt either

  • This was an interesting story about an undercover FBI agent the MCs in earlier books She falls for the newest Dante s Nine member the story heats up in ways than one Another good read from an author who always delivers Colleen Masters books are definitely satisfying reads.

  • Colleen Masters did it again with another fabulous MC book Impulsively had a solid storyline with lots of twists and turns that kept me hooked from beginning to end The characters had depth and emotion that fit perfectly for the storyline Looking forward to books by Colleen Masters

  • This had me when Quinn experienced losing her brother to a stray bullet Quinn was a computer geek who worked for the FBI who got a chance to go undercover and snoop around I a Vegas mc It was so good read and loved all the action

  • I was provided with a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Thanks I really enjoyed this book Brooks and Keira had awesome chemistry Love scenes were very steamy I love Dante s Nine MC story lines and the series has been great Would love to read

  • i enjoyed this story i could fully get behind Keira waffling finally embracing that justice is indeed gray instead of black whitee downside was the insta love between Brooks Keira but as the story unfolded, they just fit together.

  • was gifted a copy of this book for a honest review I loved this book just like the two earlier Dante s Nine books Loved Red aka Quinn and Brooks They are perfect together Awesome 3rd book Loved the story and the way it flowed The characters had great

  • I would have to say overall I enjoyed this book the the other 2 I don t know if it s because it had twists and turns and you could guess what was going to happen but it wasn t implied so much that you know that was what was going to happen overall good job I would recommend it.

  • Ahhhhh I LOVE DANTE S NINE Ahhhhh I LOVE DANTE S NINE this is one of my favorite mc s Loved the characters, loved the plot, loved the writing I liked impulsively the best in the series Thank you colleen, keep em coming

  • Ohhh I liked Red and Brooks together Another great read by Colleen These are definitely on the tamer side which doesn t bother me at all After I ve read so many dark and gritty MC books, it s nice to mix it up a little and get that soft tamed side every now and again

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