Young Annabelle

↠ Young Annabelle ✓ Sarah Tork - Young Annabelle, Young Annabelle What do I see when I look in the mirror I see a girl who just wants to be loved by her family her best friend and a guy she thought she d never go for Someone should have told me sooner that falling ↠ Young Annabelle ✓ Sarah Tork - Young Annabelle, Young Annabelle What do I see when I look in the mirror I see a girl who just wants to be loved by her family her best friend and a guy she thought she d never go for Someone should have told me sooner that falling

  • Title: Young Annabelle
  • Author: Sarah Tork
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 256
  • Format: ebook
Young Annabelle

↠ Young Annabelle ✓ Sarah Tork, Young Annabelle, Sarah Tork, Young Annabelle What do I see when I look in the mirror I see a girl who just wants to be loved by her family her best friend and a guy she thought she d never go for Someone should have told me sooner that falling for a guy like that was not a good idea At all Just past the halfway mark on her summer from hell weightloss journey seventeen year old Annabelle Simms has lost a grand tWhat do I see ↠ Young Annabelle ✓ Sarah Tork - Young Annabelle, Young Annabelle What do I see when I look in the mirror I see a girl who just wants to be loved by her family her best friend and a guy she thought she d never go for Someone should have told me sooner that falling

  • ↠ Young Annabelle ✓ Sarah Tork
    256Sarah Tork
Young Annabelle

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  • I don t often write reviews, but I feel obligated to when I come upon books that I absolutely love This is one of those books If you re unsure whether to purchase it or not, buy it This is a high quality, inexpensive ebook that has a great story line, an inspirational message, and an alpha male The relationship between Annabelle and James was compelling, realistic, and fully absorbing The author did a great job making the reader empathize with Annabelle, especially with the tough family situatio [...]

  • The beginning had me hooked and that cliffhanger definitely made me get the second book I mean why not They re both free Anyway, the problems I had with this book were the fact that the main character, Annabelle, was a little too immature and cheesy I get that she s a senior in high school but I m pretty sure seniors are a tad mature than this At least in my opinion There were a lot of repeated sentences and it proved to be a little irritating Some of the things that happen are confusing, so I [...]

  • DNF at 20%This just ended up not being enjoyable for me I liked some of the elements, but I had literally no motivation to keep going Oh well, I m not that disappointed Maybe in the future I ll pick it back up again, but that s pretty unlikely.

  • No plot, annoying heroine, terrible writing, and just overall horrible So glad this was a free ebook I m not sure how anyone would find anything enjoyable about this one as it doesn t make much sense Really disappointed in the response to this one.

  • I received this book from the author, via , in exchange for an honest review OMG There s SO much I want to say about this book First off, this is a well written book I think the author s portrayal of the MC, Annabelle, as an intensely insecure teenager was very accurate I HATE Annabelle s family I wanted to kill her mother on so many occasions, in so many ways These characters are very well written, and sadly, accurate So many mothers obsess over their teen daughters weight and clothing sizes, t [...]

  • Ok I liked this book, I did.It just annoyed me half the time Her mother Jesus Christ, I wanted to punch that lady in the face Half the time all I thought was STFU already And James I just I don t know Thennn the ending I can t even put my thoughts together to make this review.Needless to say, I will read the next book because I need to know what happens at that dang party.

  • More like 1.5 starsIt was short so I just kept going, but nothing much happened The plot was really thin, the characters were flat, and the writing needs a lot of work.

  • First of all I have to say I enjoyed this book even though it s not one I would usually read Mostly because I think it s relatable to teens because of the main character s perspective However, I could also see some adults reading it to better understand their teens at home as you really get an understanding of how Annabelle is feeling and why she acts certain ways to things.Annabelle s character is a realistic teenager with normal problems and in my opinion very relatable Poor Annabelle is pres [...]

  • Uhm Are we talking about the same book I m seeing tons of reviews that are falling over themselves about this book, but I have to say, I m in disagreement with most of them Really A portrayal of real life James is THE bad boy No No No I agree that there are thousands, or even millions of people that struggle with weight, but I have news for you, there is absolutely NOTHING fat about 165 Sorry to disappoint but that s a pretty healthy weight depending on the height especially for 5 7 Also, I d li [...]

  • I am a member of a YA group on I came across a posting asking to review this book for the author It sounded interesting so I said yes I m glad I did This was a great book and I enjoyed it very much I did kind of force myself to start reading this book, because to be honest, the cover for the book is pretty in its own way, but it didn t draw me into wanting to read the story I did make a promise to read it though for a review so I read it for part of a read a thon.This is a story about Annabelle [...]

  • Annabelle isn t having a very good summer Her mother and by extension, her whole family is obsessed with Annabelle s weight Every calorie eaten and every calorie burned is tallied, her wardrobe is criticized, and she s hungry all the time Her summer job at the country club isn t that great either But all that seems to change when she meets James at the country club, and when they re not bickering they hit it off pretty well But will this possible romance last the summer, let alone survive senior [...]

  • Can t do it Life is too short, and this is too horrendously bad And will probably promote eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

  • If you re looking for a fun, fast paced and light hearted romance than this is the book for you There s no drama or angst so it was a nice change from my usual read.A friend suggested it to me saying she loved it and was sure that I would enjoy it too What she failed to tell me was that this is a self published book so it never got proofread The mistakes weren t that many but enough to make me not want to give it 5 stars.Annabelle was a very relatable character as I too struggle with being a lit [...]

  • The book is great for what it is a cheesy teen romance The side characters like Annabella s best friend Jenna Sabini truly make the Book worthwhile Only downside is the book can feel a bit annoying at times with Annabelle s demeanour however the author ensures that each character has a crazy backstory it s just unfortunate that Annabella s is the one taking centre stage when she s the least interesting character with little back bone or ideas of self worth.

  • SPOILER FREEReview originally posted on Aoibh ReadsAnnabelle is over 160 pounds and her mother doesn t let her forget it Controlling her meals and watching the amount of calories she burns, Annabelle can t escape the constant reminder of not being good enough by being judged by her weight Then she meets James he sees nothing wrong with how she looks and doesn t try to hide how he feels for her But no matter what he does, Annabelle can t let him in and constantly chooses to see him as a typical p [...]

  • I have to admit that I really liked this book.The story follows Annabelle, a slightly very slightly in my opinion overweight young girl whose self image is under constant attack by her mother s obsession over thinning her down for her senior year Wearing only a size ten, her mother buys her clothes that are too small for her as incentive for her to lose weight, makes her wear a calorie tracking wristwatch, and makes her eat horribly unsatisfying foods in tiny quantities Besides that, Annabelle s [...]

  • As December arrived, I realized that I was so close and yet so far to completing my A Z Title Challenge on So I decided it was time to buckle down and complete it I was having a hard time getting into my chosen book for Y, so when someone mentioned that Young Annabelle was free, I decided to give it a shot It sounded like it could be funny, it was free, and it was short It ended up not being nearly as funny as I expected, but it wasn t bad I was a little confused, though, because it starts after [...]

  • A Must Read for Young Adults I never want to relive my high school years and I am sure neither does Annabelle if she makes it through her senior year in one piece Young Annabelle is an excellent coming of age story that tells about Annabelle s struggles at home and work and with boys and her classmates At the heart of Annabelle s issues are her lack of confidence, pride, and self love that her family especially her mother has stripped away from her as they hound her about not being super skinny [...]

  • The main problem I had with this book was the lack of character development.Annabelle, our main character, was pretty realistic in my opinion She dealt with problems the way I would have dealt with them However, she had no character development whatsoever She also could get very irritating and always jumped to conclusions Although she was relatable in the way that she was unsatisfied with her physical appearance, she wasn t very likable.I also had a huge problem with her family I felt like you w [...]

  • Damn it Sarahyou did it again lol I need to start reading the blurb or reviews of the books before I start reading You sucked me into Anna s life only to leave me feeling like WTF just happened.I need now I m wait cliffhangers and waiting for the next book to come out.Ok seriously though, the characters in this book were very realistic and I totally empathized with how Anna felt about her weight throughout the entire book, because most girls women go through the same insecurities about their we [...]

  • This was an ebook that has a great storyline, an inspirational message, and an alpha male The nature of Annabelle and James relationship was compelling, absorbing and realistic at times Annabelle leads James on to prove his desire for her, in which he does not hesitate to Through this chase, James alpha male character emerges as his fierceness and protection of Annabelle begins to bloom.It was easy to empathise with Annabelle through the tough family situation her diet possessed mother, puppet l [...]

  • I know it may sound wired but you can t help but feel that I am a part of the story ,all the issues relates to everyday life in one way or another dealing with Boys, Weight, family and School.I love Annabel she s Feisty and not afraid to speak her mind she has issues with her weight and has a very emotional struggle when it comes to it her family don t help either especially her nagging Mother She meets James a cutie with an Ego the size of Texas he like her and she likes Him but things start to [...]

  • Okay wow When Sarah Tork DM d me asking if I wanted to read her book I quickly agreed As a bookaholic I m always looking for my next good read I read the synopsis right away and was definitely looking forward to it I was not disappointed one little bit with the book, in fact I loved it But holy crap Sarah How am I supposed to function with that kinda cliffhanger Sheesh 0 Annabelle is a great character extremely relatable in so many ways And she captures the crazy emotion and confusion of first l [...]

  • 4.25 starsPrior to reading this book and just after reading the blurb, my excitement level was so freaking high I don t know, it s kind of a good feeling or something is telling me that this series will not disappoint When I found out that Young Annabelle is free in Apple Store, I purchased it immediately together with the other two books in the series Now, after finishing the first book, I have to say that it s a great start.James and Annabelle have that instant chemistry Probably because James [...]

  • This book was soooooo GOOD I couldn t put it down I got this book for FREE yesterday and it s by far the best free book I have ever got for free The relationship between Annabelle and James is TOXIC I mean you can tell they have chemistry from the start You can feel it when you are reading the parts when their together I didn t expect to like this book so good GET THIS BOOK I promise you won t be disappointed There is parts when you are thinking James is such a douche but you can t not want him [...]

  • It was nice, but not outstanding I loved how extreme her mother was and explained a lot about Annabelles aggressive behavior The Typos and the punctuation were bad which always annoys me and I didn t like that there was the need to split the story into two parts I hate series, when it s obvious that one book would have done the same job This sounds like a lot of shitty comments, but the book wasn t all bad and I actually want to know how it s going to end so I bought the second book I just wishe [...]

  • I found this book to portray a realistic life as some books portray a fantasy or unrealistic view on life This books talks about a girl struggling with being skinner for your family especially her mom I gave this book 2.5 stars for that aspect I wanted to love this book but by 90% I was still sitting waiting for excitement to occur I didn t enjoy the relationship between James Annabelle It seemed Annabelle always found the faults in James tried to find every possible thing to ignore him reasonin [...]

  • This book started out a bit confusing but after realizing it skipped back to kind of explain things , it made me sense I liked the storyline and the characters Annabelle was easy to relate to and was very like able I didn t like how it ended, it was very abrupt and seemed to end right in the middle of the story I think this could of been one book but was broken up into 3 parts The story itself was your typical loser girl meets popular boy who is kind of a jerk but she likes him anyway James was [...]

  • I really liked this book, not my usual sort of read but was well worth the time until I got to the ending how could it finish there Annabelle is being persecuted by her parents because of her weight, the only place she can escape is the club where she works as a Lemonade stand operator Thrown together with James, an incredibly hot guy, when he is sent to be trained by Annabelle Their friendship develops into something .Loved the story and loved the characters, apart from Annabelle s evil mother [...]

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