The Doctor's Fake Fiancée

[PDF] Read ✓ The Doctor's Fake Fiancée : by VictoriaJames - The Doctor's Fake Fiancée, The Doctor s Fake Fianc e Their marriage bargain is just what the doctor ordered Former surgeon and self professed life long bachelor Evan Manning has one thing on his mind to reclaim the career that a car accident stole from [PDF] Read ✓ The Doctor's Fake Fiancée : by VictoriaJames - The Doctor's Fake Fiancée, The Doctor s Fake Fianc e Their marriage bargain is just what the doctor ordered Former surgeon and self professed life long bachelor Evan Manning has one thing on his mind to reclaim the career that a car accident stole from

  • Title: The Doctor's Fake Fiancée
  • Author: VictoriaJames
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  • Page: 214
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The Doctor's Fake Fiancée

[PDF] Read ✓ The Doctor's Fake Fiancée : by VictoriaJames, The Doctor's Fake Fiancée, VictoriaJames, The Doctor s Fake Fianc e Their marriage bargain is just what the doctor ordered Former surgeon and self professed life long bachelor Evan Manning has one thing on his mind to reclaim the career that a car accident stole from him But when he s forced to return to his hometown of Red River Evan comes face to face with the gorgeous woman who s haunted his dreams for the last year the woman he resc [PDF] Read ✓ The Doctor's Fake Fiancée : by VictoriaJames - The Doctor's Fake Fiancée, The Doctor s Fake Fianc e Their marriage bargain is just what the doctor ordered Former surgeon and self professed life long bachelor Evan Manning has one thing on his mind to reclaim the career that a car accident stole from

  • [PDF] Read ✓ The Doctor's Fake Fiancée : by VictoriaJames
    214 VictoriaJames
The Doctor's Fake Fiancée

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    VictoriaJames Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Doctor's Fake Fiancée book, this is one of the most wanted VictoriaJames author readers around the world.

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  • Originally posted on The Book NymphoQuick summary Three years ago, Evan Manning rescued a woman and her baby from their burning car following its collision with a truck His heroism exacted a high cost as he seriously injured his handa career ender for a surgeon Flash forward to the present and Grace Matheson is trying to find the man who saved her son.The heart of the storyGrace has struggled to keep a job that will adequately provide for her son and give her the flexibility needed by a single p [...]

  • I make no secret that I am a huge fan of Victoria James She has a gift of creating captivating romantic journeys with characters to fall in love with who frustrate me as much as I adore them The Doctor s Fake Fianc e is a delightful third addition to her Red River series this beautiful picturesque small town stole my heart long ago with its close, welcoming and interfering residents, and my love has continued to grow with each addition Evan Manning had a lot to live up to, because believe me, hi [...]

  • Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby KimHave you ever read a book and loved it so much you weren t sure where to start with explaining it That s how I am with The Doctor s Fake Fianc e The book had me laughing and crying and just wanting .Evan Manning and Grace Matheson are simply great And oh my gosh, Grace s four year old son Christopher is a handful, but in a good way Don t let it ever be said that kids aren t smart and don t pay attention.A year ago, Evan lost everything that truly m [...]

  • The three Manning brothers are a riot together Add their spouses and the crazy townspeople of Red River into the mix and you get a fun and enjoyable read How could City ER surgeon Dr Evan Manning even think he could live without them Evan was on the fast track to becoming chief of surgery when a year ago he d injured himself while rescuing a mother Grace and her three year old son Chris from a car accident Because of the injury he s unable to do surgeries any Moreover, his girlfriend, a fellow s [...]

  • 4.25 Stars I really enjoyed this book as I have the others in this series.Evan is a gifted surgeon and witnessed a terrible accident He rescued the woman and her son from their burning car but in the process his hand was badly burned and damaged His surgery career is over and he is not exactly sure what he s going to do now.He is in the running to be the administrator to oversee North America s most exclusive plastic surgery clinics that cater to the very wealthy It really isn t who he is but he [...]

  • GREAT STORY Grace is a single mother, who raises her four year old son by herself One day, Evan Manning rescues her and her son from a car accident However, Evan cannot perform a surgery any due to the accident To thank him, Grace comes to Red River, and she not only becomes Evan s receptionist but also becomes his fake Fiancee I always like the way Victoria James tells story If you love reading A Risk Worth Taking Red River, 1 and The Best Man s Baby Red River, 2 , this is a must read for you

  • I could not put this book down, read in one evening I fell in love with the characters, Evan and Grace Christopher, Grace s son was so cute Everyone should have a super hero in their life, and that is what Evan is to Christopher I was so happy that Evan finally decided what is important in life, and might not be what his initial plans were This is my first book by Victoria James, and I have already bought her other Red River books, to catch up I was not lost in this story at all, can be read as [...]

  • Sweet story of single Mom of 4 year old boy and the surgeon who rescued them from car accident.The latest in the Red River series which were enjoyable reads.

  • High Hopes for LoveFive Amazing StarsI was now absolutely pleased to receive nor the third book of this wonderful series, Red River Written by my most favourite author, Victoria James I was so completely excited to read this unbelievable romantic story about Evan Manning Who is a Doctor by trade, but still seeking out a woman of his own Dr Evan Manning was now wishing for a lot now in his life Now his surgery might as well be closed He was angry and upset Without many patients coming to see him [...]

  • In August of last year, I stumbled upon the Red River series, in the midst of a weekend full of DNFs You can read about it HERE The Red River series had me completely hooked and the only thing I really needed was Evan s book Cue to now, over a year later I was pretty much salivating for Evan and Grace s story and the bookend to this series.I have to admit that I had a hard time liking Evan He was so focused on his career and what he thought it meant to be successful that he placed value and prio [...]

  • Posted on What I m ReadingBefore you even start Victoria James s The Doctor s Fake Fianc e, grab a box of tissues I m not kidding Victoria had me crying from the first couple of chapters It did lighten up, but it might be a good idea to keep them near by The ending did me in Granted it was one of the sappiest endings, but it still got to me However, this book is FANTASTIC I absolutely loved this story even though I was crying through most of the book.So, if you have read the previous Red River b [...]

  • Oh where to begin This book was, simply put, wonderful Such a feel good story The two main characters, Grace and Dr Evan Manning were brought together one fateful night a year ago when he saved her and her toddler son from a burning car That fateful night changed both of their lives, forever.Fast forward a year Grace is a single mother with no family or close friends, struggling to survive and take care of her adorable little boy Feeling the need to thank the man that saved them she drives sever [...]

  • Evan Manning wants to focus on his career as a Doctor Since he s a confirmed bachelor, he wants to reclaim what he lost when he saved a woman and her child Now he s back home working in a family practice while Doctor Chalmers recovers from a heart attack Grace Matheson arrives to thank the Doctor for his heroism She s down on her luck so when he asks her to be his fake fianc , She reluctantly agrees Can these two damaged people find happiness as a family Grace is a wonderful character Her gentle [...]

  • 4.5 Heartwarming starsThe Doctor s Fake Fianc e was a beautiful and heartfelt read.Loved Grace and her little boy Christopher, their story made my heart ache for them.It was beautiful seeing Evan and Grace come together, they were perfect for each other.Loved all the characters and the banter between the brothers made me laugh, loved how they teased each other This was a heartwarming and emotional story, the relationship between Evan and little Christopher brought tears to my eyes, that little b [...]

  • I love the Red River series and this was another fab instalment I love how Victoria takes a romance trope, puts her own spin on it and makes me fall in love with the characters Every single time she has me glued to the pages and silently cheering for a HEA I have a tendency to re read the first two when I need a feel good book, I think this has just been added to the list

  • I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I LOVED IT This story made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes This story was just so much fun to read I honestly was not planning on finishing it tonight but I just could not put it down If you are looking for a good contemporary romance that will leave you smiling look no further.

  • Fantastic story This one made me smile from the very first page Grace and Evan are a perfect couple even with the baggage they both bring to the relationship The love and care Evan takes with Grace s small son seals the deal for me Loved this one I highly recommend you read it.

  • Reviewed on my blog, Becky on Books for 10 23 14.Reading the teaser blurb for this one at the end of The Best Man s Baby, I knew I was going to have to read this one ASAP But I was going to have to wait, of courseAnd oh, Evan s story was so worth the wait Sure, the inciting incident hinges on some pretty big coincidences namely, Grace, trained as a medical receptionist, showing up at Evan s office the day his other one quits , but hey, I can absolutely live with that They served the purpose to g [...]

  • My review of The Best Man s Baby saphsbookblog 201Evan Manning was a high society surgeon at the top of his game when he witnessed a horrific accident involving a semi and a car The injury he sustains helping the mother and young son escape puts him on the sidelines, crushing his career as a surgeon One year later, Evan finds himself back in his hometown of Red River helping out at the local family practice after the physician has a heart attack He s only a couple weeks away from being able take [...]

  • A life you think you want can change the moment that someone makes you reevalute what you wantedSo this is a series that I know I need to catch up with because there is so much I know that I have missed I love Ms James writing style it flows smoothly and descriptive I love getting lost in a story and how everything around me just fade off I knew from the beginning that I missed something big in Evan s family life because of his way of thinking Then there were little snippets about his relationsh [...]

  • Originally posted on my blog Tangled Up In BooksI received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review In no way did this sway either my review or my rating This book has my heart From the moment I started it I could tell this book was going to wrap me up in feels It begins with the accident mentioned in the summary for a prologue that instantly had my heart racing It pulled me in, took hold of me and wouldn t let go I love the small town, everybody knows everybody an [...]

  • What do you do when you are an up and coming star on medical surgery team, a mover and a shaker, a the top of your game and then you do an heroic deed of saving a single mother and her son from their fiery car Making you permanently unable to ever do surgeries again Not to mention you lose you fianc e and lose most of your friends by this act of kindness Well meet Evan Manning our hero To show your willingness to be a team player you take a 5 week job in the hometown you swore never to come back [...]

  • The Doctor s Fake Fiancee by Victoria James is the 3rd book in her Red River series When I decided to read this book, I was concerned that I had not read the first two books I did not need to worry, as this was a wonderful book that read very well as a standalone.This story started off with a bang, Our heroine Grace was driving her young son to school, when a trailer truck over turned trapping her in the car A doctor comes to her rescue, and saves both of them The story flips to three years late [...]

  • I found myself sobbing at the end I knew where the story was going but still had me use up a few Kleenexes at the things that made it unique.Grace has lived a hard life but she stayed true to who she was and what she wanted to be as a mother She has lived in homeless shelters before and has very little possessions But she has her art as her passion and a portfolio that she really hasn t been able to do anything with in order to provide for her son.There was an accident where Grace and her son we [...]

  • Wow, another utterly awesome book from author Victoria James The Doctor s Fake Fianc e grabs you right from the gut wrenching prologue and the plot s fiery intensity never lets up The two primary characters, Grace Matheson and Evan Manning, have amazing yet complicated chemistry and their blossoming relationship is replete with appreciation, gratitude and love Ms James is an excellent storyteller and her words kept me captivated from beginning to end.Grace is a devoted single mother, talented ar [...]

  • A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review This story grabs your heart and twists it around so many times untilwell, until everything is aces Evan Manning and Grace Mattenson are IT together They meet when Grace is in a car accident because of that car accident, and Evan trying to save Grace and her little boy, Evan ends up causing damage to his surgeon s hands.Fast Forward to a year later, Evan has lost everything that meant something his girlfriend the ability to be the b [...]

  • I loved this book The book starts out with Grace and her little son being in a car wreck Evan is a doctor and stopped to help He was so calm, and talked to Grace while she was trapped He found a way to pull Grace and Christopher from the car Evan wound up hurting his hand while helping with the accident Afterwards he could no longer be a surgeon He found himself back in Red River surrounded by family He was working and filling in for a small town doctor when Grace came by to thank him for saving [...]

  • I thought I loved the other books, but this is hands down my favorite of the series Jake Claire s story was heartbreaking with the subject matter Grace s story gutted me I think I read this entire book with a lump in my throat From the opening pages, Ms James pulls you into these character s struggles and heart break So many moments had me in near tears, particularly the scene at the river with Holly, Ella, Evan, and Chris when Grace shouts at Chris to stop talking about when they came home from [...]

  • Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewOverall, this was a very sweet book albeit a bit too cheesy at the end but what let it down was the opening couple of chapters.I know that at the core of every romance is the clich and the exceedingly good luck that the paths of the Hero and Heroine cross but seriously, the day that Grace shows up at the clinic is the day that Evan s receptionist quits and, holy mackerel, how lucky that Grace is a medical receptionist seriously, what [...]

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