A Certain Justice

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Certain Justice : by P.D. James - A Certain Justice, A Certain Justice It begins dramatically enough with a trial for murder The distinguished criminal lawyer Venetia Aldridge is defending Garry Ashe on charges of having brutally killed his aunt For Aldridge the trial [PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Certain Justice : by P.D. James - A Certain Justice, A Certain Justice It begins dramatically enough with a trial for murder The distinguished criminal lawyer Venetia Aldridge is defending Garry Ashe on charges of having brutally killed his aunt For Aldridge the trial

  • Title: A Certain Justice
  • Author: P.D. James
  • ISBN: 9780770429911
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
A Certain Justice

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Certain Justice : by P.D. James, A Certain Justice, P.D. James, A Certain Justice It begins dramatically enough with a trial for murder The distinguished criminal lawyer Venetia Aldridge is defending Garry Ashe on charges of having brutally killed his aunt For Aldridge the trial is mainly a test of her courtroom skills one opportunity to succeed and she does But now murder is in the air The next victim will be Aldridge herself stabbed to dIt begins dramat [PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Certain Justice : by P.D. James - A Certain Justice, A Certain Justice It begins dramatically enough with a trial for murder The distinguished criminal lawyer Venetia Aldridge is defending Garry Ashe on charges of having brutally killed his aunt For Aldridge the trial

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ A Certain Justice : by P.D. James
    122 P.D. James
A Certain Justice

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    P D James, byname of Phyllis Dorothy James White, Baroness James of Holland Park, born August 3, 1920, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England died November 27, 2014, Oxford , British mystery novelist best known for her fictional detective Adam Dalgliesh of Scotland Yard.The daughter of a middle grade civil servant, James grew up in the university town of Cambridge Her formal education, however, ended at age 16 because of lack of funds, and she was thereafter self educated In 1941 she married Ernest C.B White, a medical student and future physician, who returned home from wartime service mentally deranged and spent much of the rest of his life in psychiatric hospitals To support her family which included two children , she took work in hospital administration and, after her husband s death in 1964, became a civil servant in the criminal section of the Department of Home Affairs Her first mystery novel, Cover Her Face 1962 , introduced Dalgliesh and was followed by six mysteries before she retired from government service in 1979 to devote full time to writing.Dalgliesh, James s master detective who rises from chief inspector in the first novel to chief superintendent and then to commander, is a serious, introspective person, moralistic yet realistic The novels in which he appears are peopled by fully rounded characters, who are civilized, genteel, and motivated The public resonance created by James s singular characterization and deployment of classic mystery devices led to most of the novels featuring Dalgliesh being filmed for television James, who earned the sobriquet Queen of Crime, penned 14 Dalgliesh novels, with the last, The Private Patient, appearing in 2008.James also wrote An Unsuitable Job for a Woman 1972 and The Skull Beneath the Skin 1982 , which centre on Cordelia Gray, a young private detective The first of these novels was the basis for both a television movie and a short lived series James expanded beyond the mystery genre in The Children of Men 1992 film 2006 , which explores a dystopian world in which the human race has become infertile Her final work, Death Comes to Pemberley 2011 a sequel to Pride and Prejudice 1813 amplifies the class and relationship tensions between Jane Austen s characters by situating them in the midst of a murder investigation James s nonfiction works include The Maul and the Pear Tree 1971 , a telling of the Ratcliffe Highway murders of 1811 written with historian T.A Critchley, and the insightful Talking About Detective Fiction 2009 Her memoir, Time to Be in Earnest, was published in 2000 She was made OBE in 1983 and was named a life peer in 1991.

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  • Listened to in audio format.This is third book I have listened to by PD James and I think it was the best so far In A Certain Justice we are introduced to the victim Venetia Aldridge QC Venetia is defending a young man called Garry Ashe who is charged with murdering his Aunt The Aunt was a prostitute who liked Garry to watch and take pictures Garry is acquitted, when Venetia leaves The Bailey she is surprised and dismayed to find out that Garry and her Daughter are to be engaged Venetia does not [...]

  • A thoroughly delightful James, one of her best And when I say delightful, it means I have already forgotten about the middle aged, droopy breasted slut prostitute aunt who insists that her live in nephew not only photograph all her encounters with the mens, but make love to her himself Hey it happens In the world of female British crime writers, it happens a lot But like I said, I ve already forgotten this tidbit.As our novel opens, attractive, divorced, successful, hard edged, unmaternal, unsym [...]

  • Wow what a great read I have never tried this author before because I read her books about the death at pemberly on my kindle a while ago and did not think it very good But this book just entranced me Great writing, wonderful use of vocabulary and great characters I love the characters of the detectives even though I kind of came into their lives mid development and obviously missed some back story, but they were believable and had their insecurities and emotions The crime is layered and I did n [...]

  • This book brings the reader into the mind of a psychopath AND those of several normal people who are seriously, destructively obsessed And it doesn t take us very far into the mind of Adam, Kate or their assistant here it is Piers Oh, the presenting mystery is solved at the end but the murderer won t be brought to justice Hence I m not thrilled with this immense tome.Its strength beautiful descriptions of the city of London, a number of historic buildings a sense of home or lack thereof is defi [...]

  • I ll be honest, this book was okay If I had to be in an airport, with no book, I would take it HoweverI have a friend who along with his books adds a recommended beverage to be enjoyed along side this would have to be tea Lots and lots of tea.

  • Many people dislike Venetia Aldridge a few hate her No one seems to have the opportunity to have killed her and a strong enough hatred to have done so but someone did with a single thrust of a dagger like paper knife while she worked late in her office in chambers in Middle Temple, a chambers she was scheduled to take over as senior partner within a few months There were rivals for that position but they were lawyers, not killers There were family members of murder victims whose killers she had [...]

  • Please, somebody tell me that this is the worst book written by P D James, because if it isn t then people are even gullible than I think A scene can be handled sparely, as here, I drove to the store and got the evening paper, or it can be given in pages of detail, describing the need for the evening paper, why the protagonist chose that moment to get one, the weather conditions, the road conditions, a description of the car and the route, what the protagonist was wearing, and a whole lot Both [...]

  • As we get older and forget things one pleasure is re reading a good book that one can t quite remember Luckily, P.D James is a detailed enough writer that there are specifics that surprise anew, and she is a good enough observer of human nature and stylist that a second reading is rewarded.A Certain Justice is one of her best Like most British mysteries, the situation is so claustrophobic is that because everyone is conscious of England being an island that you wonder why of the ants in this p [...]

  • I enjoyed this classic P.D James, especially with the twist that the it must surely be this bad boy but oh no he s actually an angel it s someone completely unlikely whodunnit uncorkscrewed itself rather nicely, for once However, I wish Kate Miskin would stop blathering on about Ellison Fairweather Buildings OK, OK, she grew up in a council flat, do you have to bang on about it all the time, mentioning its specific name every time you do so There are surely subtle ways of painting in a characte [...]

  • My first of this author Not too enthused Murder mystery, attorneys involved Could have been a very thrilling one but wasn t Too lengthy I read on the jacket that it is part of a series with the chief investigator as protagonist but maybe I should read the first one because didn t get to participate in the character building May read one in the series before fold it up altogether.

  • Another excellent entry in the Adam Dalgliesh mystery series These are long, detail intense mysteries with a decided literary bent, telling the story from the point of view of several different characters Commander Dalgliesh himself, some of his team members, various suspects in the murder as well as even the victims themselves You look at the size of the book thinking it s going be somewhat tedious, but before you know it, you re sucked into the story.Venetia Aldridge is a QC, defending people [...]

  • If you want to book that keeps you guessing, this is the one And as usual P.D James pulls you into the story with detailed background of the characters and, at times, sympathy for the potential perpetrators than for the victim I am certainly going to miss her writing.

  • When hungry for a British police procedural murder mystery, you can t miss when you turn to the patient spinner of webs, P D James

  • Opens with a brilliant but chillingly aloof criminal defense lawyer getting a creepy young man acquitted for murdering his aunt Not too long afterwards, the lawyer is found murdered in her office, her body garishly decorated Adam Dalgliesh and his young team solve the case despite many dangers I don t think I m giving anything away by saying that Have I said already how much I love P.D James This was one of the most satisfying ones yet I really enjoyed reading this passage in particular, so will [...]

  • This is my first book by PD James and I have to say that I loved reading it.The story focuses on Venetia Aldridge, an ambitious QC who has made a name for herself defending, successfully, a range of people But with a daughter who doesn t like her, victims of crime on her case and colleagues after her position, when she is found dead at her desk, there is no shortage of suspects Inspector Dalgliesh is called in to sort out the truth.I liked that the story started with the victim, so for the whole [...]

  • This is the 10th book in the Adam Dagliesh series This was masterfully written The development of the character of Venetia Aldridge allows the reader to feel as though they know her, as much as you could anyone Dagliesh himself is not really the focus of this particular book Venetia and her unfortunate situation with her daughter and the daughter s fiance, other members of the Middle Temple, and D.I Kate Miskin, who struggles with demons from her own past, are front and center in this book and [...]

  • Tiiliskividekkaristi P D Jamesin teokset tuntuvat sit paremmilta, mit useamman niit on lukenut Tarinoissa uppoudutaan hyvin syv lle henkil iden menneisyyteen, ajatuksiin ja ihmissuhteisiin, mik on toisaalta kiehtovaa mutta kasvattaa teosten paksuutta dekkareille ep tyypillisiin mittoihin Oikeus on sokea ei ole t ss suhteessa poikkeus Siin toistuu my s P D Jamesin teoksille tyypillinen alkuasetelma nuori nainen, joka kylv vihaa ja katkeruutta ymp rilleen, p tyy lopulta murhan uhriksi.Venetia Aldr [...]

  • I spent the weekend with a master story teller who ensnared me in her almost perfect web This book was an ideal cottage country, rainy weekend read, which it was and James pulled me in so completely, I barely noticed the rain come and go I was told the rain was torrential at one point, but I didn t even notice, so involved was I in the mystery Not much else to add James is a polarizing novelist you either hate her for all the seemingly boring, complex, labyrinthine and entangled plots or you lov [...]

  • This is not my first P D James mystery but I had not read anything by her for many years I very much enjoyed both the plot which concerns the murder of a prominent, if unpopular, barrister, who is murdered not long after she successfully defends a young man accused of a heinous crime So many suspects, including Ashe, the young man recently acquitted As the case unfolds, what becomes compelling are the complex lives and motivations of the people in Ms Aldridge s universe why she is murdered as mu [...]

  • After a little over a third of the way, I was just not into it so it s become the first book I ve put down unfinished in quite a while not something I m proud of, means I ve probably wasted my time on others, huh It s a well written, but un compelling murder mystery I found myself being happy to read 8 10 pages at a time before doing something else like sleeping , so I m not going to waste any time.

  • Wow as I said before, James books get powerful the further along in the series I do wonder if James political views were changing over the course of the series I don t know how to interpret this one, or its ending And James interest in sex hmm I have nothing intelligent to say about this book, but it was powerful and disturbing.

  • Another intriguing character driven mystery from P.D James My only disappointment a key plot development and unraveling of the mystery comes from a long letter written by one of the characters The letter is unsurprisingly but nevertheless disappointingly written in the exact same distinctive style as P.D James, complete with dialogue Ultimately a lazy if common writing choice.

  • Good story, but very slow moving P.D would never say in 5 words what she could say in 5 paragraphs Book could have been shortened 100 150 pages and told a good tale Also veddy, veddy British The characters drank so much coffee tea that I had to go to the loo several times.

  • I really won t be reading any other books by this author It was very hard to get into this story It rarely takes me 3 months to read a book I will say it was great for helping me to sleep I could not read than a page or two before I started nodding off.

  • 10 in the Adam Dalgliesh series Famed series from one of the mystery genre s grand dames 10 Adam Dalgliesh mystery Venetia Aldridge, distinguished barrister, is stabbed to death at her desk

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