Final Crossing

[PDF] Download ✓ Final Crossing : by Carter Wilson - Final Crossing, Final Crossing Rudiger doesn t kill because he wants to He kills because he needs to When the sadistic Preacherman stole the last bit of Rudiger s already troubled childhood soul Rudiger lost himself forever He has [PDF] Download ✓ Final Crossing : by Carter Wilson - Final Crossing, Final Crossing Rudiger doesn t kill because he wants to He kills because he needs to When the sadistic Preacherman stole the last bit of Rudiger s already troubled childhood soul Rudiger lost himself forever He has

  • Title: Final Crossing
  • Author: Carter Wilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Final Crossing

[PDF] Download ✓ Final Crossing : by Carter Wilson, Final Crossing, Carter Wilson, Final Crossing Rudiger doesn t kill because he wants to He kills because he needs to When the sadistic Preacherman stole the last bit of Rudiger s already troubled childhood soul Rudiger lost himself forever He has committed atrocities even he cannot explain in his quest for the End of Days a release from his pain by finding and crucifying The One Jonas Osborne an Army Ranger and SRudiger doesn [PDF] Download ✓ Final Crossing : by Carter Wilson - Final Crossing, Final Crossing Rudiger doesn t kill because he wants to He kills because he needs to When the sadistic Preacherman stole the last bit of Rudiger s already troubled childhood soul Rudiger lost himself forever He has

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Final Crossing : by Carter Wilson
    474 Carter Wilson
Final Crossing

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    USA Today bestselling author Carter Wilson explores the depths of psychological tension and paranoia in his dark, domestic thrillers Carter is a two time winner of both the Colorado Book Award and the International Book Award, and his novels have received critical acclaim including multiple starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal Carter lives in Erie, Colorado in a spooky Victorian house Visit him at carterwilson.

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  • Rudiger is on a twisted mission to bring forth the end of days he believes murder is the answer Senatorial Chief of Staff, Jonas Osborne is on a mission to stop him can Osborne solve the puzzles and prevent these murders With the help of psychic criminologist, Anne Deneuve this psychological thriller is chilling, disturbing and an edge of your seat read Final Crossing is a typical cat and mouse game with religious elements featuring heavily in this suspense novel.This is an interesting and thril [...]

  • This book grabs you from the opening pages, and doesn t let you go until the final page is turned When Jonas Osbourne, Chief of Staff, was asked by his boss Senator Robert Sidam to go to the funeral of his good friend, Michael Calloway, who had just been murdered in a horrifying and grisly way, Jonas was recovering from an accident where he was hit by a car on the freeway, while trying to help a stranded motorist The FBI were at the service, quietly observing, and while doing the eulogy, Jonas c [...]

  • I read this book solely based on the impression the author made with his sopho effort, Boy in the Woods Which is a good thing because I probably wouldn t have picked up Boy In the Woods based on this book, had I read them in chronological order of publishing This isn t to say Final Crossing isn t good, it s quite decent, it s a solid action thriller about a serial killer As with his other book, Carter makes no mysteries here, all the players are on the board, their motivations are obvious, the r [...]

  • Book Info Genre Suspense Reading Level Adult Disclosure I received a free ebook eGalley from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Synopsis He wasn t always called Rudiger once he was a normal, quiet boy But when the sadistic Preacherman stole the last bit of Rudiger s childhood soul, Rudiger lost himself forever As an adult, Rudiger has committed atrocities even he cannot explain and he yearns for the End of Days God has told him he must crucify The One to bring about the Final Judgment, b [...]

  • I loved this book Final Crossing has everything a reader of thrillers could ask a skewed, psychologically bizarre serial killer who sees clues that no one else ever could violent death mysteries unbound the horrors of war, still present even though far in the past a Capitol Hill Chief of Staff who still has the skills of his special forces training and the perverted childhood tortures that combined to make that serial killer the juggernaut he is today A fascinating mystery thriller psychological [...]

  • Hold on to your bra straps and belt buckles, kids, because Final Crossing might just cause you to lose your brassieres and britches.Jonas Osbourne is a retired Army Ranger, currently working for a revered Senator The subject of political speculation himself, Jonas has no small measure of power in Washington, and other than being recently dumped by a girlfriend, his life is running along without much drama But then he nearly gets run over by a Chevy Impala, and he learns that a man he served with [...]

  • A great page turning thriller that will keep you reading well into the night Final Crossing is a solid suspense novel in the genre of Steve Berry and Dan Brown with a hint of Edgar Allan Poe that adds thoughtful, dark subtext Very well written as the author meshes perspectives from both the protagonist s and the antagonist s points of view The two main characters are interwoven well with their respective backgrounds to give the reader ample understanding of their pasts from which each evolves th [...]

  • This book is a thriller, which is not my usual reading material, but for whatever reason it caught my eye on NetGalley, and I decided to give it a shot I m glad I did Final Crossing tells the story of a killer named Rudiger, who believes that he s being instructed on who to kill by God It s also the story of an ex army guy named Jonas who now works for a senator, and gets caught up in the case when he discovers that he has a connection to Rudiger oh, and he s told about this by a psychic crimino [...]

  • Let me start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed Final Crossing It culminated everything that makes a suspense thriller novel a good novel It of course had suspense, intrigue, death, mystery, and an interesting antagonist Rudigar is an insane, sadistic nut who is able to decipher clues from words he sees These clues help him to choose who his next victim will be This guy could really be a case study on what goes horribly bad when and already fragile mind endures irreparable damage The other great ele [...]

  • Disclaimer I won a copy of this book through a FirstReads giveaway.I really enjoyed the story found in this novel, and it definitely kept my interest throughout Religion coupled with politics is certainly something that is at the forefront of our society right now, and the ways in which they were used and interacted together in the plot was very intriguing I also liked how it bounced back and forth between the points of view of Jonas and Rudiger so the reader could gain perspective on the story [...]

  • I received this book from a First Reads giveaway The blurb caught my attention immediately, but I was a bit hesitant on reading it I felt that I had too high of hopes for this book, and that by reading it, I would just disappoint myself I was not disappointed.This book was amazing I had to use all of my willpower to space my reading out over the course of a few days to relish and enjoy this book It was gripping from the first chapter The characters were very well developed and easy to relate to [...]

  • There are few things horrendous than deadly crimes committed by those who insanely believe they are doing God s bidding The crimes of Rudiger Mortisin are certainly horrifying Jonas Osborne, Chief of Staff to Senator Robert Sidams, is a veteran who encountered some extremely difficult situations in Somalia during the war but one situation in particular has suddenly begun to populate his dreams It involves the killing of a Somalian family that Jonas witnessed in what became a near death situatio [...]

  • This was a book that Netgalley invited me to review I clicked yes then went into a panic because the blurb which I had not read First made the book sound like a blood fest, like a horror story I don t read horror I get horrified far to easily I steeled myself for a painful read Because even if the book was well written, I wasn t going to like it Imagine my surprise when not only was the book well written, it was Good Couldn t put it down good Lost sleep good Yes, there was blood and gore and in [...]

  • WOW This thriller grabs your attention from the very first page The intense, intriguingly creepy plot contains multiple storylines that merge together through terrifying twists and turns The characters are given the perfect amount of depth so that the reader can easily identify why each character acts in the manner he she does this is especially crucial for the antagonist, Rudiger The author explores the depths of human wickedness and successfully conveys why one human with a rare psychological [...]

  • I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my review This was a defiinite don t put me down read It was well written and keeps your attention thoughout It gives you a look into the mind of a serial killer and why he is the way he is The hero is a likeable guy who gets drawn into the search for the killer because of their past connection and ultimately becomes the target Hold onto your seat as you get drawn into this fascinating read.

  • This book kept me on the edge of my seat I was able to predict a few things early on but that did not distract from the great storytelling More than a bit gruesome but added to the story rather than being overdone.

  • Thrilling, heart pounding, gripping suspense At times, even terrifying A story you will be glued to from page one through to the final sentence Absolutely not to be missed

  • If you like suspense this book will not disappoint It hooks you from the first chapter and you won t want to put it down Gruesome, grotesque, and delicious

  • I thought this was an excellent book, well paced and lots of twists and turns.d some definite surprises Definitely will look for from this author I received this book from.

  • This book is a page turner Loved the twisted theme with a backstory set amongst the Somalia civil war Very solid character building Will have you on the edge of your seat till the last page

  • I read this book in one day, once I started I could not put it down Although its written quite simply, it still has a lasting impact, and it s not one of the stories that you forget easily.

  • This debut novel is my first exposure to Carter Wilson The book contains intense action and is a thrill of a ride Not wanting to get into any spoilers, I felt that the action in the last quarter of the book was not plausible I enjoy a fast paced book and will check other books by Wilson because I hold out hope that later works will align better with believability.

  • Swell story Politics, religion, serial killer, falling in love, and a dad suffering from Alzheimer s An exciting modern story that you don t get bored with and at it s ending leaves you wanting .

  • What s On Your MindThis is a great story, I enjoyed everything about it Ok it s not a love story, even thou there is love in it It is a bit morbid, but so is life What it is, is a GREAT, find the killer, story, with a great storyline Great characters with a great flow Great Read for all who seek a great story.

  • I m finding it difficult to actually rate this story Being a first book, I sense the story may not really be over And I would have wished it were Terribly gruesome stories, of which there was an abundance here, are not pleasant for me to absorb I almost did not even finish the story because of the violence in the beginning The Rudiger character is one very sick individual, and I find the fact he ended up in the service at all to be astounding and a real push for me to absorb But I stayed with it [...]

  • This was a much better book that The Boy In The Woods It was tense and kept you guessing It was clear that something nasty was going to happen but I could never have imagined what that something turned out to be If you have a weak stomach then maybe this book is not for you The denouement was, frankly, shocking Having said all that, I do hope authors start to get a bit creative than the voices in my head made me do it.

  • I don t usually read graphic thrillers but I am glad Final Crossing crossed my path Although some details were a little too graphic for my taste it demonstrates Carter s ability to draw you into a scene and make you feel as if you are experiencing it also It was a definite page turner and I couldn t wait to see what turn the book would take next Very well written and a great story line

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