The Scholarship

↠ The Scholarship Ç Jaime Maddox - The Scholarship, The Scholarship Looking to find harmony Ella Townes leaves a big Philadelphia college and returns to the mountains where she spent her youth She quickly makes a friend Cassidy Ryan a woman with Down syndrome who is ↠ The Scholarship Ç Jaime Maddox - The Scholarship, The Scholarship Looking to find harmony Ella Townes leaves a big Philadelphia college and returns to the mountains where she spent her youth She quickly makes a friend Cassidy Ryan a woman with Down syndrome who is

  • Title: The Scholarship
  • Author: Jaime Maddox
  • ISBN: 9781635550757
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
The Scholarship

↠ The Scholarship Ç Jaime Maddox, The Scholarship, Jaime Maddox, The Scholarship Looking to find harmony Ella Townes leaves a big Philadelphia college and returns to the mountains where she spent her youth She quickly makes a friend Cassidy Ryan a woman with Down syndrome who is the neighborhood busybody and sister of a very attractive ER doctor whom Ella finds equally charming Under the watchful eye of Cass Ella and Reese begin a promising frienLooking to f ↠ The Scholarship Ç Jaime Maddox - The Scholarship, The Scholarship Looking to find harmony Ella Townes leaves a big Philadelphia college and returns to the mountains where she spent her youth She quickly makes a friend Cassidy Ryan a woman with Down syndrome who is

  • ↠ The Scholarship Ç Jaime Maddox
    180 Jaime Maddox
The Scholarship

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  • Jaime Maddox

    Jaime Maddox grew up on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Northeastern Pennsylvania As the baby in a family of many children, she was part adored and part ignored, forcing her to find creative ways to fill her time Her childhood was idyllic, spent hiking, rafting, biking, climbing, and otherwise skinning knees and knuckles Reading and writing became passions Although she left home for a brief stint in the big cities of Philadelphia, PA, and Newark, NJ, as soon as she acquired the required paperwork a medical degree and residency certificate she came running back.She fills her hours with a bustling medical practice, two precocious sons, a disobedient dog, and an extraordinary woman who helps her to keep it all together In her abundant spare time, she reads, writes, twists her body into punishing yoga poses, and whacks golf balls deep into forests She detests airplanes, snakes, and people who aren t nice Her loves are the foods of the world, Broadway musicals, traveling, sandy beaches, massages and pedicures, and the Philadelphia Phillies from the publisher s website

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  • This was a really good read I have to admit, this book was not really on my radar There seemed to be buzz around some of the other Bold Strokes Books releases Which really is surprising since so far, this was my favorite book of their August new releases At the heart of this book is a really sweet romance, wrapped up in a really interesting cold case murder mystery.25 years ago, a Pennsylvania neighborhood and a group of close friends, were rocked by the murder of their friend Stephanie At 17 y [...]

  • 3 stars for the first 70% of the book The writing is competent but I didn t feel anything special for the characters or the romance A victim of too much telling, I suppose Last 30% of the book I read in one sitting, when the murderer goes into panic mode and the thrills kick up several notches For the feels, I d give this part 5 stars, but the murder mystery fan in me says the plot turn is just too unlikely view spoiler If the killer had been just a bit unhinged, his actions due to his paranoia [...]

  • Maddox has mixed an old cold case and a budding romance together and surprisingly it worked really well Maddox seems to have been able to create a good balance between the mystery and the romance Neither outshines the other.Her characters are likable and well developed and she manages to keep you guessing throughout Now, please take into account I writing this review on Halloween but Maddox puts you in the head of the killer You don t know who they are because names aren t added So this really a [...]

  • The Scholarship by Jaime MaddoxThis book is an excellent whodunit story wrapped into a delightful romance Maddox does an excellent job of keeping you intrigued in the slow burn romance all the while knowing there is a cold case being unearthed simultaneously While the love is brewing between our two mains there is a killer getting skittish by the day Ella Townes spent weeks every summer in the Poconos at Lake Winola, as a young girl visiting her grandparents and making friends with the neighbor [...]

  • This has been an interesting story about an old unsolved murder that because of political circumstances must be revisited, just at the same time that one of the main characters arrives to take charge of her new job at the local university From here, past and present merge to expose us the full story The author choses a way quite interesting to do it The murdered girl was involved in the two main characters lives but in diferents stages, with Ella in childhood and with Reese in teenage years Main [...]

  • This book was really well done and I definitely wasn t expecting to be on the edge of my seat throughout the book when I first read the blurb To start of with the romance was sweet between Reese and Ella Both characters are likable and really lovely people The romance was a slow build up that created a nice feel to the book around the not so nice murder plot investigation Cass was a perfect secondary character that brought a big smile to my face whenever she was in the scene The murder plot I th [...]

  • This is a sweet slow burn romance wrapped up in a cold case mystery Or the other way around It s not important, what matters is that Ms Maddox found the perfect balance between mystery and romance with multi layered characters and a well developed plot As the main characters relationship grows, the author drops clues into the mystery to keep the reader guessing until almost the end Maddox manages very well the introduction of so many secondary characters and murder suspects The appearance of a c [...]

  • An honest review thanks to NetGalley I started out liking this book a bit, but as I progressed, I found myself skipping page after page Even with the murder mystery and the budding love between Reece and Ella I was bored You need to have a lot of patience if you are attempting to read this book.

  • This one I just kept reading it started off slow but then picked up overall I enjoyed this one.NetGalley for a honest review.

  • I received an ARC from Netgalley and the Publisher in exchange for a honest review The Scholarship is an intriguing cold case mystery that lets the reader guessing who did it Throughout the story the reader gets and glues and it kept me engaged and interested in the book till the end The romance part is rather slow but works perfectly with the mystery part of the book The only complaint I have is that it felt a little bit too fast in the end Everything was wrapped up and solved almost within a [...]

  • A very compelling story A new investigation brings back very painful memories There are no leads, no evidence available and no witnesses One person feels the heat aournd the corner and does everything to make sure that the truth never comes out It s a story about, among other things, a close knit family, a slow building romance and a crime passionel A well constructed story and with true to life characters I loved Cass She is a real sweetheart So pure, authentic, unrestrained and a great asset t [...]

  • So I should start this review by saying murder mystery or mystery in general is not my go to book genre I am unsure why because I typically enjoy them I own a few of Maddox s books in paperback, but this is the first book of hers I have read I thought the book was really good I had a busy few days and would only get to read for short periods, and it drove me nuts I wanted to read it all at once Since I typically do not read mystery, I always buy in 100% I spend an enormous amount of time specula [...]

  • Ella Townes moves to the place where she spent her summers during her childhood There she meets Cassidy Ryan, a woman with Down syndrome, as well as her Cassidy s sister, Reese, an ER doctor Ella begins draw up a scholarship in the name of her childhood friend who was murdered The once cold case is reopened for investigation and Cass seems to know something about it.Although it wasn t too hard to guess who the killer was, although a few times I went back and forth on who it was, I enjoyed that t [...]

  • I d give this 3.5 stars if I could.I m just going to admit this is the first book I ve read by Jaime Maddox and when I go back to look at other things she s written it s because I passed over the book cover itself or because it s got romance as part of the genre and lately as a general rule I pass over any book published by Bold Strokes if they have any hint of romance because it feels so formulaic That said there are certain authors that I would read regardless of who published their works or i [...]

  • 4.5 5 Excellente intrigue One question stay with the reader along the book Who killed Steph The why seems obvious as the intrigue doesn t appear to be particularly complex, but apparence can be deceiving The murder is a character I love to hate he is downright disgusting A pure product of the victim blaming society Yes, there is a wlw romance, a really slow burn minor romance It leave all the place for the best character Cass the girl with down syndrome her bluntness is adorable I fell in love w [...]

  • True friendshipI gave this five star because it was written beautifully The storyline kept me interested since page one The characters were great and believable I kept thinking I knew who did but I kept second guessing myself This was the first book I have read of the authors but it won t be the last I definitely recommend this book.

  • A very good mystery with a twist ending that I never saw comingry well crafted in story development Ella and Reese start out slowly and a little bumpy, so if you like a fast romance this book takes a while for that to develop Cass is a wonderful character and gives an innocence, depth and grace to this story I am so happy the Maddox choose to include a Down Syndrome character in this book ARC provided by publisher for an honest review.

  • Mary Ann asked Elizabeth Ella what made her think Mary Ann would like living in the Poconos She was offered the job of Vice President of Development of a University there The job would be a promotion with money , responsibilities, and rewards It would also mean Ella made it to the top of her field When Ella interviewed she hoped to find an answer to sooth the discontent she couldn t really explain Ella needed a change It was the next leg of Ella s journey Ella s parents had sent her and her s [...]

  • I stumbled upon this book while searching for another book on Net Galley The synopsis of this book intrigued me because I love a good mystery in a romance.The story begins twenty five years ago when a teenage girl is accidentally murdered in a moment of passion Her death has been an unsolved case all these years until Ella Townes returns to her childhood home The quaint town she once knew is the same but different She hoped to reconnect with her childhood friends only to find some where no longe [...]

  • Eh, I found this story to be pretty lacking in all departments It begins with a manslaughter told through the perspective of the killer, with a sprinkling return to this perspective throughout the book, leaving the reader to try to guess who it is as he interacts with the main characters It sounds far interesting than it really is Had this simply just been one of those girl meets girl books, it probably would have worked a little for me, but tonally this felt off with seduction and sex scenes [...]

  • Ella returns to the town where she spent her summers with her grandparents Hoping to reconnect with some of the people she knew from the past Ella discovers that her best friend, Steph was murdered right before she graduated high school Ella finds a great housing situation, house sitting for a woman who is going out of town for a few months She befriends the neighbors next door one of whom is a woman with downs syndrome, Cassidy, who loves to help with the dog she is supposed to watch Cassidy s [...]

  • I don t exactly know what to say about this book I didn t love it and I didn t hate it The writing was the best I ve seen in a lesbian book Although there were typos page 2661 or I guess at that word count on my Kindle on the IPhone The chapter is The girlfriend did it There is a section where instead of saying Reese was being questioned by the DA, it said Ella and then it switched to Dr Ryan and then back to Ella It was confusing and should be fixed The book itself well written, well thought ou [...]

  • I rec d an ARC from NetGalley Bold Strokes Books in exchange for an honest review Jaime Maddox has written an excellent romance interwoven with murder and intrigue The central characters of Reese, her sister Cass who has Downs syndrome and Ella are adeptly handled along with the cold case aspect I was quickly dragged into the plot and read through the night unable to put the book down Kudos Ms Maddox A solid 4 stars.

  • I loved this book.I loved The Scholarship Great book It s an exciting, edge of your seat who done it mystery You have a great romance set in beautiful Pennsylvania with a great cast of characters.

  • The story and mystery aspect were all good It just felt like it all wrapped up to easily in the last chapter Almost like the author said ok, I m done with this story wrap it up.

  • A good cold case and current mystery with a sweet romance An engaging story with well written characters including the challenges for one who has a Down syndrome sibling It also tells about the importance of a legacy and longtime friends.

  • Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread There s a widely held fascination with the solving of decades old crimes, not that I m immune to such interests myself Often the smallest piece of additional evidence, or one new pair of eyes to look over the existing evidence, seems to be all that is needed to bring the culprit to justice or to exonerate those wrongfully accused These cases, however, can also serve to remind us that even in this ultra connected age it s perfectly possible [...]

  • This book was fantastic it s about a doctor that has given up on love die to her hectic work schedule and taking care of her disabled sister And a woman that came from the city to the mountains thinking her chances were slim to none until she met her neighbors oldest daughter the Dr But what bonded them was the protectiveness of the sister with the disability and the mystery why someone would want to kill herloving story

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