Free Read Barack - by Jonah Winter A.G. Ford - Barack, Barack A glowing picture book biography of the th President of the United States Barack Obama This is a journey that began in many places It began in Kansas home of Barack s mother It began in Africa ho Free Read Barack - by Jonah Winter A.G. Ford - Barack, Barack A glowing picture book biography of the th President of the United States Barack Obama This is a journey that began in many places It began in Kansas home of Barack s mother It began in Africa ho

  • Title: Barack
  • Author: Jonah Winter A.G. Ford
  • ISBN: 9780061703928
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read Barack - by Jonah Winter A.G. Ford, Barack, Jonah Winter A.G. Ford, Barack A glowing picture book biography of the th President of the United States Barack Obama This is a journey that began in many places It began in Kansas home of Barack s mother It began in Africa home of Barack s father It began in Hawaii one moonlit night the night that Barack was born Sometimes it was a lonely journey Sometimes it was an enchanted journey But throA glowing picture book Free Read Barack - by Jonah Winter A.G. Ford - Barack, Barack A glowing picture book biography of the th President of the United States Barack Obama This is a journey that began in many places It began in Kansas home of Barack s mother It began in Africa ho

  • Free Read Barack - by Jonah Winter A.G. Ford
    268Jonah Winter A.G. Ford

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    Jonah Winter is the celebrated author of many picture book biographies, including Barack, which was a New York Times bestseller His books include Here Comes the Garbage Barge, Sonia Sotomayor, Roberto Clemente, and A poet and a painter, Mr Winter divides his time between Santa Fe and a small town in Pennsylvaniaom jonahwinter booksml

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  • Barack is a biographical picture book on the 44th president Barack Obama This book shares Presidents Obama story from a little kid growing up in Indonesia and Hawaii with his mother and grandparents to his journey to running for President of the United States The story defines who Barack Obama is and how he became inspired to make a change in the world Barack is a book that can be used throughout the grades in elementary especially the upper grades Teachers can use this book to introduce student [...]

  • Awards N AGrade 1st grade 2nd gradeSummary This enchanting picture book biography tells the tale behind the iconic Barack Obama The story relates his past and how it led him to where he is today the President of the United States of America With the help of bright and colorful pictures we learn about his mother in Kansas, his father in Africa, and the night in Hawaii that he was born We also follow along as he learns the answer to his question who am I Review I think this book would be great for [...]

  • Awards n aAppropriate grade level s 2nd 3rdSummary This book tells the life story of our last president Barack Obama It starts off with where his parents are from and then to the day Barack was born This book goes into detail about his life growing up and his journey to becoming the president of the United States This book does not go into his life as president Review I think is a great book for young readers Since it tells the story of how Barack overcame poverty and became the president, it ha [...]

  • This book is appropriate for children around the ages of 6 and 7 It is about Barack Obama and his life adventures It tells the story of life from a child until now The book has great illustrations to depict the story as well Since Obama is so relevant today, it is important that children know who he is and why he is important It shows what he had to go through to get to where he is today It shows the experiences he has had and what he has done for America This book can be used in a classroom to [...]

  • Barack by Jonah Winter is a picture book about Barack Obama The book tells the story of his parents, his birthplace, and the different places he lived until his mother took him to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents It tells of a young boy wondering who he is It s Barack journey to discover that all people was his family His and other people s belief in his ideals leads to him becoming the U.S first African American president.

  • If you re looking for an easy to follow overview of where Barack Obama comes from that young children will be able to understand then this book is a good starting place Solid writing, clear linear timeline, interesting tidbits.

  • The biography is intended age for readers are elementary school This book gives an overview without intense details history of where Barack Obama is from and how he lived as a child It also tells the story of how he overcame knowing who is as a person and using it to help other people to better their selves Also, he shared how he started his journey to become the president of the United States I rated the book 4 stars because it was interesting and was broken down for young readers to understand [...]

  • President came from very humble beginnings He is the son of an Kenyan father and a Kansas mother Their chance encounter produces the first African American President of the United States of America Who would have thought The book describes the racial, personal, social, emotional, economic and educational struggles Barack went through His father abandoned him and so did his mother He was a bi racial child left to raised by Caucasian grandparents HE made the best of his situation and studied very [...]

  • True confessions I haven t read any of Obama s own books I know the basic story of his mother from Kansas, his father from Kenya, and his birth in Hawaii But until I read this book, I didn t realize he had a childhood in Indonesia, a half sister, and such a diverse seemingly fractured upbringing I think this book does a good job introducing kids to the concept of the search for identity, especially for those who are also dealing with family splits, blended families, and family members on differe [...]

  • arack Jonah WinterGrade K 2Pages 32Theme President, History, Challenge, Self DiscoveryGenre Non Fiction InformationResponse I chose to read this book, not because I am an Obama lover liberal, or because I am a conservative Barack hater, but because I ve heard so many mixed reviews from fellow teachers of both sides Quite put, the illustrations are very good, and don t seem kiddish or cute sy, but detailed enough to notice the details, if that makes sense The book gives some insight into Obama s [...]

  • I absolutely love this biography Jonah Winter does an amazing job of telling the life story of Barack by making it into a storyline that children will love to follow This book begins from the beginning of his life and shows his humble beginnings and takes us all the way to him being President Obama This is inspiring for any reader of any age I would use this as a read aloud when studying presidents in social studies class, or maybe when talking about what it takes to become president of the Unit [...]

  • Barack is an excellent choice for non traditional families for several reasons The book describes the journey of President Obama He did not have a traditional childhood because he was bi racial His father was Kenyan and his mother was Caucasian His mother nor father raised him rather he was raised by his Caucasian grandparents President Obama grew up in an era where is was not socially unacceptable to be black He wasn t black He was African He wasn t completely white either No one accepted him H [...]

  • In an election year, no demographic goes totally ignored, including those who have quite a few years left before they can vote Following a model similar to Nikki Grimes Barack Obama Son of Promise, Child of Hope 2008 , Winter s book focuses on Obama s upbringing, his travels between Hawaii and Indonesia, and how he was shuttled between parents and grandparents The book s refrain consists of two questions Obama keeps asking himself Who am I and Where do I belong The nitty gritty of politics are i [...]

  • This incredible story like non fiction tale takes you through the life of President Barack Obama With its amazingly detailed watercolor illustrations, this story will keep you interested the entire time Author Jonah Winter has a way of making this informational book easy to understand for children The book takes place with Barack Obama s mother and father meeting and eventually and living in Hawaii Barack s life was not always easy the author and illustrator create an understandable way of expla [...]

  • This book provides an overview of Barack Obama s life It was written before Barack as elected President This is a great book for young children to get to know the President of the United States He is a son of an African father and Caucasian mother that grew up in Hawaii learning about various cultures and beliefs As Obama was growing up he was loved by his grandparents Also, Barak pursued his dream with hard work He is now the 44th president of the United States and the first African American to [...]

  • Theme Historical Significance Biography Rationale This picture book biography has present day historic significance as it is a kid friendly, yet informative telling of President Barack Obama s life from childhood through his current presidency The book talks about how Barack did not have an easy childhood moving between his parents and grandparents frequently something that children in the class may be able to relate to, then the book progresses on to him finding himself as he enters college and [...]

  • BiographyIn this engaging picture book Jonah Winter and AG Ford tell the interesting story of Barack Obama and his rise to become America s first African American president.This book is appropriate for both second and third grade and is a wonderful tool for the classroom We studied a unit on famous Peacemakers and it was a really gripping and wonderful informational text.The reason it became a WOW book for me was because It encouraged my students to read about President Obama and want to learn [...]

  • This is a beautifully illustrated picture book biography on the life of Barack Obama leading up to his run for the presidency At the time of its publication the presidential election had not yet taken place Clearly written during the peak of Obama fever , at the prospect of a new face cough cough anyone s other than George W Bush s leading the nation and paying homage to some of the men who came before to make this historic run for the presidency possible An inspiration read that would be a wond [...]

  • I give the Author Jonah Winter a 5 in ratings because he let Young Adults know that they can achieve anything they want to achieve if they put their mind to it President Barack Obama had a very humble background and succeeded to become the first African American President of America He came a very long way Encouraging Young Adults through role models like President Barack Obama brings hope to all Young Adults I view this book as a very excellent book and recommend Young Adults to read it Reviewe [...]

  • I totally loved this biography of Barack Obama because it tells his life in a simple storyline that many children can relate to and understand This is also an awesome picture book and the photos looks like real people I enjoyed reading Barack because I was able to learn a lot about our 44th president that I didn t know prior to reading I also loved the message that went along with the book about perseverance and hope This is a good book for a social studies or history class.

  • In this stunning picture book, Jonah Winter and AG Ford re create the extraordinary story behind the journey of our president, Barack Obama And they do it very well I Just loved seeing his young life in living color while Jonah Winter described it I have yet to read Obama s book The Audacity of Hope, but maybe I ll find time now No matter how one feels about our current president his life is one of courage and hope I really enjoyed reading this Perfect Picture Book for Friday.

  • I thought that this book was too long for children to remain interested in.Though the book had wonderful information, I think it would be lost because of the length of the book as a whole I like the fact that this is a story of the current president because it shows students how even presidents started out as kids and had to work hard in school too I do not like this book though because it is only relevant in some ways only as long as this president is in office.

  • Robby and I really enjoyed this story There are wonderful illustrations of Barack Obama growing up and finding his place in the world.ough I can t wait for the second edition that tells the story of his actual election win The book went to press during the primary season and, for me, that s the best part of his journey

  • Excellent picture book of our 44th president of the United States I think this should be read in our classrooms for students that hear a lot of controversal conversation at home I, a teacher, hear many stories and I try to give African American children positive figures to look up to and be proud of, other than what they watch on entertainment television shows.

  • It is well illustrated and lyrically written, in a style that almost resembles President Obama s own writing style In addition to being a wonderful addition to children s literature on American Presidents, it is also simply a quality children s book self described as being appropriate for children 3 5 years old.

  • The artwork is beautiful but the story is lacking I understand it is a book for children and appeals to them However, it jumps through time without explanation as what happened within his life To further discuss it would mean giving away the story Again, an okay book but lacking in time transition.

  • Thin on content and poorly crafted Reads like a campaign ad instead of a children s book I realize the age group is 4 7, but the text is painfully shallow There are about a thousand other interesting things the author could have included about Obama and the quality of the writing itself is quite bad.

  • I liked the flow of the prose in this book describing Obama s self discovery However, Winter s use of the word lovable to describe Obama sounded an odd note for me I could see where he was going with it but it came off as awkward A lovable politician Hmmmm.

  • This book is a quick look at Obama s life and rise to the Presidential seat It focuses a lot on Barack s racial background and ties to places across the world as he grew up, and it repeatedly asks that questions Who am I and where do I belong

  • 1149th 2011Versi ringkas biografi Obama untuk anak anak.Ilustrasi waktu hidup di Indonesia lucu, seolah Obama tinggal di pedesaan yang eksotis ada burung cendrawasih di pepohonan segala , bukan di ibukota Jakarta Biar menarik saja atau kurang riset

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