Fortune's Lady

[PDF] Read ✓ Fortune's Lady : by Patricia Gaffney - Fortune's Lady, Fortune s Lady On the eve of the French Revolution the daughter of a traitor might be the only one who can save the British Crown Cassandra Merlin is in dire straits Her father Patrick has just been executed for [PDF] Read ✓ Fortune's Lady : by Patricia Gaffney - Fortune's Lady, Fortune s Lady On the eve of the French Revolution the daughter of a traitor might be the only one who can save the British Crown Cassandra Merlin is in dire straits Her father Patrick has just been executed for

  • Title: Fortune's Lady
  • Author: Patricia Gaffney
  • ISBN: 9780843948011
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
Fortune's Lady

[PDF] Read ✓ Fortune's Lady : by Patricia Gaffney, Fortune's Lady, Patricia Gaffney, Fortune s Lady On the eve of the French Revolution the daughter of a traitor might be the only one who can save the British Crown Cassandra Merlin is in dire straits Her father Patrick has just been executed for treason against the British Crown Her aunt Lady Elizabeth Sinclair is eager to marry her off rather than bear the expense of sheltering a turncoat s daughter And when a hOn the eve of [PDF] Read ✓ Fortune's Lady : by Patricia Gaffney - Fortune's Lady, Fortune s Lady On the eve of the French Revolution the daughter of a traitor might be the only one who can save the British Crown Cassandra Merlin is in dire straits Her father Patrick has just been executed for

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  • [PDF] Read ✓ Fortune's Lady : by Patricia Gaffney
    428 Patricia Gaffney
Fortune's Lady

About “Patricia Gaffney

  • Patricia Gaffney

    Patricia Gaffney was born in Tampa, Florida, and grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C She earned a bachelor s degree in English and philosophy from Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, and also studied literature at Royal Holloway College of the University of London, at George Washington University, and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.After college, Gaffney taught 12th grade English for a year before becoming a freelance court reporter, a job she pursued in North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C for the next fifteen years.Her first book, a historical romance, was published by Dorchester in 1989 Between then and 1997, she wrote 11 romance novels Dorchester Penguin USA , for which she was nominated for or won many awards Many of these previously out of print classics are available again today as digitally reissued classics, including the author s most recently re released and much beloved novels in The Wyckerley Trilogy.In 1999, she went in a new direction with her hardcover fiction debut, The Saving Graces HarperCollins A contemporary story about four women friends, the novel explored issues of love, friendship, trust, and commitment among women The Saving Graces enjoyed bestseller status on the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and other lists.Circle of Three 2000 , Flight Lessons 2002 , and The Goodbye Summer 2004 followed, all national bestsellers Gaffney s most recent novel was Mad Dash 2007 , a humorous but insightful look at a 20 year marriage, told from the viewpoints of both longsuffering spouses More recently, Pat s been indulging her purely creative side in a brand new format for her novellas With friends including J D Robb, she has contributed stories to three anthologies, all New York Times bestsellers In The Dog Days of Laurie Summer The Lost, 2009 , a woman in a troubled marriage dies and comes back as the family dog The Dancing Ghost The Other Side, 2010 brings together a pretty spinster and a shady ghost buster in 1895 New England And in Dear One The Unquiet, 2011 , a fake phone psychic or IS she meets her match in a stuffy Capitol Hill lobbyist who couldn t possibly be that sexy voiced cowboy from Medicine Bend who keeps calling the psychic line.Patricia Gaffney lives in southern Pennsylvania with her husband.

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  • 3.5 stars, really.Didn t leave me with a Oooh, I loved it feeling, but it was a pleasant read, over all For some reason, I enjoyed the beginning, even the middle, but the end seemed to lose steam, and my interest waned Perhaps because it didn t really feel like a typical Bodice Ripper and I was expecting it to be, as it s my preferred branch in the Romance department but instead it felt like a Historical Romance.

  • I recently re read this romance, because it was one of my MIA that I had forgotten the title author and thankfully I recognized the cover Honestly, I thought Cass s entire family had given up on her She s almost like, society let her down Nobody really ever gave a damn about her, and considered her the jade, even from her earliest years It wasn t that the author insisted we sympathize, or the violins started up, but it s the fact she didn t intend for it, that influenced my commiseration It seem [...]

  • Discovering Patricia Gaffney s books has been one of the highlights of my reading year, and I don t hesitate to say that she s become one of my very favorite historical romance authors, so it s sad to have to say that this one just didn t work for me The second half in particular had me tearing my hair out The story started out well, with a premise inspired by Alfred Hitchcock s film Notorious, and a good dose of sex, angst, and intrigue Then about halfway through, the wheels came off Time after [...]

  • The poor heroine is being used by people on all sides With so little agency, the heroine s journey was a bit depressing to follow, as plucky as she is I did like the romance The plot was not that compelling to me, and the reveal of the cruel villain as being gay to boot Sheesh That dated this book.

  • While I don t completely understand why this historical romance is titled Fortune s Lady, it is clearly a wonderful read Patricia Gaffney is gifted with words Fortune s Lady has elements of a spy novel woven into the romance The passion that Cassandra and Philip share is nicely done The tenderness is there, too Cassandra and Philip find something in each other that they ve never had before As she comes out of her shell and comes into her own, he is pleasantly surprised and finds about her to lo [...]

  • Fortune may raise up or abuse the ordinary mortal, but the sage and the soldier should have minds beyond her control Sir Walter ScottI enjoyed reading Fortune s Lady immensely and the seizing nature of the characters I have always said a good book is one that you always make time to read, but a great book is one that makes you experience the characters emotive and can t put down If you are interested in reading the complete review and other reviews from my 2016 Book Challenge go to sensorypercep [...]

  • Fortune s Lady started with promise and then meandered I liked Cass and I was quite sympathetic to her plight Riordan seemed alright, but it didn t seem as if his character was fully developed I disliked all the other characters In fact, I despised some characters.I do like Patricia Gaffney s writing There is such an ease in falling into the book Unfortunately, I found the latter half of the book less enjoyable than the first bit.

  • I enjoyed the beginning of the book After Cass and Riodan get married, the conflict between them could have been resolved with an honest conversation I skipped a lot of the middle of the book because of that It just didn t do it for me.

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