The Book of Ti'ana

[PDF] The Book of Ti'ana | by è Rand Miller David Wingrove - The Book of Ti'ana, The Book of Ti ana Ti ana known among humans as Anna is the first woman from the outside world to enter the domain of D ni This is her story of trust and betrayal and her struggle against the evil schemes of Veovis [PDF] The Book of Ti'ana | by è Rand Miller David Wingrove - The Book of Ti'ana, The Book of Ti ana Ti ana known among humans as Anna is the first woman from the outside world to enter the domain of D ni This is her story of trust and betrayal and her struggle against the evil schemes of Veovis

  • Title: The Book of Ti'ana
  • Author: Rand Miller David Wingrove
  • ISBN: 9780786889204
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
The Book of Ti'ana

[PDF] The Book of Ti'ana | by è Rand Miller David Wingrove, The Book of Ti'ana, Rand Miller David Wingrove, The Book of Ti ana Ti ana known among humans as Anna is the first woman from the outside world to enter the domain of D ni This is her story of trust and betrayal and her struggle against the evil schemes of Veovis the architect of the destruction of D ni and all that she loves [PDF] The Book of Ti'ana | by è Rand Miller David Wingrove - The Book of Ti'ana, The Book of Ti ana Ti ana known among humans as Anna is the first woman from the outside world to enter the domain of D ni This is her story of trust and betrayal and her struggle against the evil schemes of Veovis

  • [PDF] The Book of Ti'ana | by è Rand Miller David Wingrove
    191 Rand Miller David Wingrove
The Book of Ti'ana

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  • Rand Miller David Wingrove

    Rand Miller born January 17, 1959 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S co founded Cyan now Cyan Worlds with brother Robyn Miller and became famous from the unexpected success of their computer game Myst, which remained the number one selling game for the remainder of the 1990s Rand also worked on the game s sequel, Riven, and later Myst III Exile, Myst IV Revelation, Myst V End of Ages, realMyst, and Uru The brothers also acted out parts in the game, with Robyn as Sirrus and Rand as Achenar and Atrus.

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  • I really enjoyed the first Myst book and was excited to start this one My high expectations diminished quickly as I struggled through the first 200 pages of the book where it felt like absolutely nothing happend However, one thing I learned is that the author is clearly either a geology professor or someone who has a passion for geology as made evident by the numerous digging excavating scenes loaded with geological terminology boring.I never played the PC game, so there was zero nostalgia to dr [...]

  • This story takes you back even further than Atrus and his beginnings to that of Anna his grandmother It starts as her father dies and leaves her in the desert at the end of their geological survey Its there she discovers the lava tube tunnels that leads to her greatest discovery that alters her life forever.This is a sad story for it covers the fall of D ni as we know was thrown into ruins You can feel the loss under your skin as you watch it take place I think this one is the most powerful stor [...]

  • Myst The Book of Ti ana by Rand Miller is a definite improvement over The Book of Atrus.Internally, the events in this book happen before the events in The Book of Atrus If that book provides of taste of Myst, this book is of a meal.This book reads like a novel I know that may be an odd thing to say, but the first book didn t The characters are developed, with strengths, weaknesses, and inner conflicts.The origins of the D Ni are still a mystery, as is the source of their power and knowledge B [...]

  • Part of my favorite trilogy of all time These books are as beautifully written as the games are made The D ni have rich culture and beautiful worlds to explore Even though this was book two, I read it first unknowingly and I was glad I did Chronologically, this is the first story.

  • Needless to say after finishing The Book of Atrus I had fairly high expectations for this series going forward At the end of The Book of Atrus we think the story is going to continue forward from that point, but there is a major story that has not been told yet The fall of D ni This tale is frequently alluded to in the game and the prior book In fact most of the prior book is trying to rework what was lost during the fall of the D ni Empire Journey with us to a long ago time when Atrus grandmoth [...]

  • Love, Trouble, and shaken foundations are highlighted in this wonderful book.The web of fantasy and science run deep in the vivid back ground story of the world and civilization of Myst.I chose this book because I ve been playing the game since before I could comprehend what the games were about This book stays true to the intrigue and mind bending puzzles that the games held in high regard The book of Ti ana, being a prelude to the following of Artus, paints the background of not only the histo [...]

  • My husband, who is a huge fan of the Myst PC games, introduced me to this series a few years ago I read the book of Atrus the year we got married 2008 , and just finished reading The Book of Ti ana yesterday I ve never played the games, but I can really appreciate the beauty of these stories they ve left me intrigued, and extremely interested in playing the games In both books I love the characters s appreciation of geology, physics, and problem solving skills I also think the love stories in bo [...]

  • Excellent book Followed the first book nicely and really gave you a look into the characters While I feel these books are a slow read, it s totally worth it once you are able to let the Age absorb you and take your mind to places you ve never dreamt of being Likable and hateable characters, colorful landscapes and so much imagination flood these books I m glad I read it slowly and I can t wait to sink my teeth into the third one

  • I was surprised at how much I liked this book The way you re forced to use your imagination and the creativity involved in these worlds is amazing.When I started reading these books, I wasn t entirely sure I would like them, as they are based on a video game In my mind I guess I expected them to be underdeveloped as far as writing goes, but I found that they are not at all The writing is smooth, the characters are wonderful, and the story is truly entertaining.

  • Learn the history of the great D ni Empire Find yourself walking the streets with the rest of the D ni citizens and discover the timeless stories of a people betrayed Excellent book

  • Anna lives with her father, conducting geological surveys in the desert When his death leaves her alone, Anna sets off for the nearest town, but decides to make one last exploration of tunnels in the extinct volcano, discovered by her father just days before his death.Deep beneath the surface of the caldera, the civilization of D ni has thrived for thousands upon thousands of years At the moment, its citizens once again engage in a long standing debate whether or not to venture to the surface an [...]

  • Cover Blurb Yes or No Yes Yes, yes, and yes It s gorgeous It s mysterious It s just absolutely wonderful They simply don t do cover art like this any.Characters I m saying this right off If The Book of Ti ana ever gets turned into a movie, Tom Hiddleston has to play Veovis A lord s son who commands the respect of the elder councilors, who always gets what he wants, and who is a good friend when he has an invested interest in being your friend But also than a little eaten up with D Ni arrogance, [...]

  • It was an interesting read but felt flat to me The setting was great I loved the descriptions of D ni society, but the individual characters came across as one dimensional to me The story would jump ahead in time, and I felt like so many details were skipped The action was slow until about 2 3 s of the way through the book The ending was depressing, so I don t think I ll read any of these.

  • I like to read this one first in the Myst series, since it gives a deeper look into D ni culture This is the fascinating tale of the fall of D ni What caused so great a city to fall Will it ever rise again to write the Books that link to other worlds Learn the background of Ti ana and how she shifted history And of course, link to endless worlds of possibility.

  • The awful, painful tediousness of this book could be explained by me not reading the first book first Things picked up about half way when Anna finally made an appearance, but I still found the book to be rather dry I understand that everything before Anna was written so the reader would fully understand the plot, but it was still one hell of a trudge That being said, I have to agree that this book is exceptional The world of D ni is as gorgeous as it is massive The complexity and imagination is [...]

  • Like MYST The Book of Atrus, The Book of Ti ana is a surprisingly good fantasy novel It creates an entire history and backstory for the civilization of D Ni and its downfall.

  • For my book I chose the book Myst the book of Ti ana Now, I really did not understand this book, and the reason that I did not understand it is because this book is the second book of the series I did some digging and I found out that while this book is the second book in the series it comes before the first one chronologically That being said the authors purpose for writing this book is kind of short and to the point The authors purpose for writing the book Myst the book of Ti ana was to provid [...]

  • For the record, I was a big Myst video games fan growing up Riven was especially dear to me I hadn t realized there were a trilogy of companion books, and I might have sneered at such tie ins when I was younger and full of my uninformed opinion.So it was with great relish that after greatly enjoying Book of Atrus that I poured through the gripping tale of Anna in Book of Ti ana To make a long story short, I loved it I loved the characters that lead, the characters that followed, and the characte [...]

  • I remember playing the Myst games and feeling the thrill at how immersive the world was It was so rich with history and detail It isn t an exaggeration to say that the entire experience of the Myst world is lush It was wonderfully fun When I got the books, I had my hopes high it would be a similar enjoyment So after sitting them on the back of my to read list for such a long time, I decided to make them a priority I went in with the most positive outlook for all three books I think they are goin [...]

  • Puede que nuestros lectores m s veteranos hayan conocido la saga de Myst en sus inicios en 1993 bajo su formato original un juego de ordenador en primera persona desarrollado por los hermanos Miller, Rand y Robyn Su xito fue tan fulgurante que, junto con sus secuelas, se proclam como uno de los juegos m s vendidos de los tiempos hasta 2002, desbancado por Los Sims.Cuando los hermanos Miller empezaron el desarrollo del juego, escribieron peque as partes de historia para poder situarse en ella, y [...]

  • I had very little in the way of positive expectations for this book Like many others, I felt it was owed the gamble simply because of the glory that is the Myst games For the first dozen pages my initial misgivings seemed to be verified Not a bad story shaping up, but nothing spectacular was evolving either I am not sure when I realized that this book had gotten hold of me, but am I glad that it happened The story told here is fascinating The world of D Ni and the Ages described herein are breat [...]

  • Rese a completa y m s en escriboleeoHay que decir que, cronol gicamente hablando, este ser a el primer libro, porque es lo que ocurre antes de que D ni cayera Me ha gustado bastante, m s que la anterior Me cay mal Veovis desde el principio, pero claro, con el anticipo del primer libro que ser a el segundo ya sab a por d nde iban los tiros Ador el personaje de Anna desde el primer momento en el primer libro no se dec a mucho de ella, no era m s que la abuela , y Atrus me gust mucho tambi n La soc [...]

  • Like the first book in the series, this did fill me up with some wonderful nostalgia for the ages of Myst, however a lot of parts were boringterally, it s a book about making tunnels in rock It needed Ti ana if she was going to be the title character, and really focused heavily on Aitrus which was disappointing D ni culture is shockingly patriarchal than our own eye roll Still the scenery is powerful, and if you wanted to explore D ni some after playing the games, this is your ticket there Lo [...]

  • Good overall This book started out very almost excruciatingly slowly, giving the reader questions than answers This I found extremely frustrating, however, the author finally explained the portions that did not make any sense while reading His world will take some time to comprehend at least from a rational reader s mindset so be prepared to wait for further explanation while reading Eventually the world of D ni along with its inhabitants redeemed themselves, giving the book some merit as far a [...]

  • This book was amazing A must read for Myst fans One cool thing about the book, is that it details much of D ni culture It shows a society based on order and strong moral principles After reading it, you suddenly realize the significance of many places in the Myst Games especially Uru This story is also one of the few truly good tragedies The themes of selflessness and selfishness were prevalent throughout the story While Veovis and Agairus selfishly and bitterly destroy D ni, Aitrus selflessly s [...]

  • The prequel to the first Myst book, set when the D ni are in full splendor Ages abound and Anna meets Aitrus I enjoyed how the authors created intrigue in a multi millennial peaceful people This story tried to explain that the Books are written in such a way that they link to actual worlds, or Ages However, the writing of such books seems to also affect the Ages to which they link and can even throw them into destructive cycles So, I am a little confused about the mechanics at play here Neverthe [...]

  • The first time I read this story, it amazed and entranced me then anything I had ever read before As fantastic and captivating as the first book in the series was, this book actually managed to reach a rank and place in my heart few books have been able to touch.The years have not changed my love and devotion to this book or the rest of the series It seriously pains me that it is so unknown and overlooked.I hope Rand Miller decides to take up the pen again someday.

  • As a long time fan of the CD Rom games, I was very happy to find out that there was an accompanying book series The books themselves feel great to hold in the hand, looking quite like one of the many linking books from the series And these books are just that links to another world entirely The book of Ti Ana is a wonderful tale of discovery, friendship, love, and betrayal I highly recommend reading all of them

  • Decently written, not by any means a difficult read, although every now and then a word pops up that seems out of place with the rest of the vocabulary and feels a bit forced My biggest issue with the whole book is that Anna ti ana seems to be a bit of a mary sue Her character structure is highly idealized and any personal flaws she has do very little to affect any of her actions up until the event that sets in motion the entire ending.

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