Tales of the Otherworld

Free Read Tales of the Otherworld - by Kelley Armstrong - Tales of the Otherworld, Tales of the Otherworld More of New York Times best selling author Kelley Armstrong s most popular Otherworld characters get a chance to shine in this second short fiction collection showcasing critical moments from many di Free Read Tales of the Otherworld - by Kelley Armstrong - Tales of the Otherworld, Tales of the Otherworld More of New York Times best selling author Kelley Armstrong s most popular Otherworld characters get a chance to shine in this second short fiction collection showcasing critical moments from many di

  • Title: Tales of the Otherworld
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9780307357564
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
Tales of the Otherworld

Free Read Tales of the Otherworld - by Kelley Armstrong, Tales of the Otherworld, Kelley Armstrong, Tales of the Otherworld More of New York Times best selling author Kelley Armstrong s most popular Otherworld characters get a chance to shine in this second short fiction collection showcasing critical moments from many different lives Kelley Armstrong s readers have proven themselves a dedicated fan base her previous hardcover collection of short stories Men of the Otherworld appeared on thMo Free Read Tales of the Otherworld - by Kelley Armstrong - Tales of the Otherworld, Tales of the Otherworld More of New York Times best selling author Kelley Armstrong s most popular Otherworld characters get a chance to shine in this second short fiction collection showcasing critical moments from many di

  • Free Read Tales of the Otherworld - by Kelley Armstrong
    116 Kelley Armstrong
Tales of the Otherworld

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    Kelley Armstrong has been telling stories since before she could write Her earliest written efforts were disastrous If asked for a story about girls and dolls, hers would invariably feature undead girls and evil dolls, much to her teachers dismay All efforts to make her produce normal stories failed.Today, she continues to spin tales of ghosts and demons and werewolves, while safely locked away in her basement writing dungeon She s the author of the NYT bestselling Women of the Otherworld paranormal suspense series and Darkest Powers young adult urban fantasy trilogy, as well as the Nadia Stafford crime series Armstrong lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, kids and far too many pets.

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  • This is only a review for Elena and Clay s portion of Tales of the Otherworld as I never read the series past Stolen and they were the only couple I was interested in.In some ways, I was really glad I d read it and in others I somewhat despaired Beginnings is the story of how Clay and Elena met and fell in love, roughly set ten years before Bitten where they finally resolve their issues and relationship.And that s the big problem for me I d always imagined, while reading Bitten, that they had th [...]

  • I m completely gaga over The Women of the Otherworld series It s hard to put these down not only am I going through the novels in order thirteen full length , but also the several novellas and anthology collections This is the first anthology I ve taken on for the series, and if they continue to be as good as this one, I ll end up enjoying these almost as much as the full length novels This is one of the highest recommended because it has Elena and Clay s novella where they first meet and bond.T [...]

  • As I was reading this book, I felt like I was back with some old friends Two summers ago, I tore through Kelley Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld series I love the books I can t get enough of my favourite characters I want I did get I got Clay and Elena, Paige and Lucas, and of the rest of the great cast of characters that inhabit this world This is a collection of 8 stories featuring these characters My one and only criticism is that a few of the shorter stories ended a little abruptly A [...]

  • I ordered a signed copy of this book a few days ago with the warning that I wouldn t receive it until May and then to my surprise it came through my letter box this morning The Introduction explains that these stories were all previously available online on the author s website except of course the new story, Bewitched Rebirth This is Aaron s story first seen in Stolen of how he became a vampire and how he met Cassandra also first seen in Stolen I found this story interesting as it explains ever [...]

  • Reviewed on Rabid ReadsIt s been a few months since I ve read a book by Kelly Armstrong but within moments of starting this one I was reminded why she s one of my all time favorite authors Her writing skills are top notch and her characters are so real I feel as if they re my friends Tales of the Otherworld is a real treat for both new and old fans because it offers a peak into this series without commitment but also offers new insights into your favorite characters There was one particular shor [...]

  • Rebirth Basically, it follows Aaron as he becomes a vampire It was enjoyable There was a paragraph that amused me the one where the word sh t is thrown around a lot My only issue is that it was short, that not too much happened apart from the rebirth of Aaron, that is and I wish there was to it That aside, it was still a good read Bewitched When Eve and Kristof met I m totally on board Eve always surprises me I accepted that fact when I read Haunted And Kristof surprised me as much as Eve did [...]

  • 4.5 starsRebirth How Aaron became a vampire and met Cassandra.Bewitched This is the story of how Eve and Kristof met and fell in love And also the specifics concerning why she left him Fair warning it s as lovely as it is heartbreaking.Birthright Logan POV How he joined the Pack.Beginnings At close to 200 pages this is closer to a short story than a novella not that I m complaining It s included in the Tales of the Otherworld collection, and it is A M A Z I N G.I m talking OMGOMG amazing.It s th [...]

  • The stories in this collection are mostly okay There are two and half stand outs, but the rest of the stories aren t bad, but just okay However, one cannot but be joyful at the reason for this book s publication and its use in raising money.The two stand out stories are the story of Eve and Kristof s relationship and the story of Elena and Clay up until the bit that forms the basis for the interaction in the first novel of the Otherworld series In many ways, Eve s story is better, the characters [...]

  • A couple of the tales are somewhat independent the rest fill in background on the principal characters in Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld series.Rebirth tells of Aaron s introduction to the undead life Aaron, today, is a co delegate on the Council with Cassandra.Bewitched is the story of how Kristof and Eve met, their singular courtship, and why Eve left.Birthright chronicles Logan s introduction to the Danvers Pack.Beginnings finally gives us the background on Clay and Elena s courtship end [...]

  • This was an awesome collection of short stories We got some seriously good backstory on these characters I had not realized just how long it was that Aaron and Cassandra knew each other I hadn t realized his vampirism was hereditary, either I liked that story.Then, we get the story of how Eve met Kristof, loved Kristof and left Kristof Eve is still one of my favorite characters in this series She is awesome and Kristof solidified himself as my second favorite hero in this series I already loved [...]

  • I enjoyed reading the Tales of the Otherworld, but would suspect it is a book largely for fans Rebirth is a vampire birthing tale, which was moderately interesting I had forgotten how vampires worked in Armstrong s world Bewitched was one of the better stories, and describes the meeting and sweet romance between Eve Levine and Kristof Nast I ve always had a problem with Eve s character in Armstrong books, because her characterization varies so much depending on which book story When she is first [...]

  • I finished Bitten and realized there were a bunch of prequel short stories to that book, so going by the author s website I think that s where I got my chronological list of stories I started with the first Rebirth It s not really related to the characters in Bitten, but it was a good quick read and I ll look forward to see of those characters somewhere else in the series Perhaps I ll go check out the publication dates before I go to the next Either way though I enjoyed Aaron and Cassandra s st [...]

  • I enjoyed reading these stories, it all helps build a better picture of the Otherworld Here s a small review of each story in no particular order.The Case of El Chupacabra Forgive me if this was explained in other books, I might ve overlooked it, but I didn t know that Sean Nast was gay That is actually pretty cool, I m ok with that and want to see where this will go I liked seeing Lucas and Paige in a day to day operation investigating this case, and we also have a guest appearance by Cassandr [...]

  • I greatly enjoy Armstrong s Otherworld books I wouldn t recommend starting with this one if you haven t read them these are a grouping of 8 stories, including one novella, and I think their primary pleasure comes from seeing them fill in the gaps in the histories of some favorite characters They d definitely act as spoilers for those early books and without that background some readers might be a bit lost, or at least miss some of their impact without the context So go read Bitten and Stolen and [...]

  • For those of you who love Kelley Armstrong like I do, I suggest you read this group of shorts novellas that touch on several series characters and explore the first meeting of Clay and Elena If you are able, BUY this book vs borrow or check it out because Ms Armstrong has published Tales ONLY as a charitable endeavor What a generous lady Normally I do not care much for short stories, novellas and anthologies because there is never enough time to bond with the characters Tales, however, has prove [...]

  • what an idea a collection of stories like the Men of the Otherworld that take snipets from her otherworld novels, and fills in what happened What a concept This one introduces Aaron s heredity discovery of being a vampire and Cassandra helping himEve Kristof s romance ahhhh , that ended with her pregnancy his father s interferenceLogan, a hereditary werewolf of unknown parentage, sent to Jeremy Danvers just before his Change at 18 years old I don t remember him in the story but I think Elena or [...]

  • My rating is for the short story Beginnings alone.For ages, I felt the desire to read how Clayton and Elena began Although the backstory is hinted at in Bitten to read it in full was marvellous It felt so strange reading the early dynamics in Elena and Clayton s relationship She really allowed herself to open up to him but he broke her trust in a serious way Although Elena is bitter, and hardened in the later books, I appreciated seeing this altruistic side to her She was quite sweet before Cl [...]

  • It s hard not to enjoy a book that has a novella with Clay and Elena These are short stories set within the Otherworld that Armstrong wrote for her website based on fan request The Eve Kristof story, narrated by Eve, is the story of her involvement with him and why she left In fact, most of these stories are backstories As such, they lack the immediacy of the books But learning how Aaron became a vampire and chose to live or setting the stage for Lucas and Paige to run a Cortez office in Portlan [...]

  • There s one thing I HATE about Kelley Armstrong s books yes, all of them they end Love her writing, wish there were I try to read slow, but her stories suck me in and they play out like the best movies ever made and next thing I know THE END you can t read her words you simply see her stories.

  • Reading the short stories as I make my way through the series.Ratings thus far Rebirth Three stars.Bewitched Birthright Three stars.Beginnings Four stars.Expectations Ghosts Three stars.Wedding Bell Hell The Case of El Chupacabra

  • A fantastic collection of stories that further builds on the world Kelley Armstrong has built in the novels.A must for fans of the Women of the Otherworld series of novels

  • Tales of the Otherworld is the second collection of short fiction which takes place in the Otherworld universe The first collection, Men of the Otherworld, was unique as it almost read like a novel, telling us the history of the werewolf pack, while focusing on the characters of Clay and Jeremy Tales of the Otherworld is a little closer to what you d expect from such a collection, delivering us the stories that couldn t fit in the Otherworld novels Like Men of the Otherworld, the short stories a [...]

  • I waited until the series was finished before I read this anthology It covers the meetings between popular couples Aaron and Cassandra, Eve and Kristof and Clay and Elena We also get the wedding of Paige and Lucas, Logan arriving at Stonehaven and Sean Nast gets himself into trouble at a murder scene Being a wolf fan, the main draw here for me was reading about Clay and Elena s story It is great seeing another side of Clay and you can finally understand why he chose to bite Elena I really enjoye [...]

  • Like Men of the Otherworld, Tales of the Otherworld is also an anthology of Kelley Armstrong s Otherworld based short stories and novellas, which were previously free digitally on the author s website, but are now available from her regular publishers, with proceeds donated to World Literacy Canada Since I d read all but one of the stories before, they weren t fresh, and thus my enthusiasm for this tome is lower than perhaps it otherwise may have been.Rebirth is a great look at how Cassandra DuC [...]

  • This is a collection of Otherworld short stories and novellas As a whole, I enjoyed it If you ve read the Otherworld series, you know that the books don t immediately follow right after each other Time elapses and the characters lives continue as they did prior to the start of Bitten , but we don t get to see it they re dark places You have to think of these stories as illuminating some of those dark places They don t answer everything and they don t always have a neat, tidy ending, but we they [...]

  • Review brought to you by OBS staff member VerushkaI first fell in love with Kelley Armstrong through Industrial Magic and Dime Store Magic, her novels featuring Paige Winterbourne Paige was capable, strong, wielded magic and didn t need leather to save the day Don t get me wrong, Armstrong is a fabulous writer and her Women of the Otherworld series is unique and engaging but even as Paige led me to other books in the series, I found that I missed Paige, her voice and her life with Lucas and Sava [...]

  • Post listen review It seems that there are a lot of fans of this series At least that is what it seems like from the amount of books the library has of these I am not a fan In this book there are a ton of werewolves, vampires, witches etc So much so that they have councils and delegates to deal with supernatural inter racial relations just to balance it all out Everyone s mother, sister, brother, cousin uncle, friend, fianc e etc is one of these supernatural beings yet every time someone who is [...]

  • I didn t read these stories one after the other but in the reading order given by Kelley Armstrong on this handy PDF checklist.Rebirth 19 pagesAbout Aaron and how he got to be reborn as a vampire I liked Aaron and I really hope he s a character that will appear further in this series Bewitched 64 pagesI loved this story I ve already read and loved Kelley Armstrong s Darkest Powers and Darkness Rising series and I had no idea Women of the Otherworld would have common elements It was a real surpri [...]

  • Tales of the Otherworld are eight short episodes, in chronological order by Kelley Armstrong, from boring to passionate I like the first two, complete stories, not entangling too many names Rebirth is Aaron, medieval farmboy, unknowingly inheriting vampirism from his mother, accidentally knifed while rescuing innocents, as usual Bewitched is Eve Levine giving lessons, then giving in, to Mafia family style Cabal leader Kristof Nast, in a recent time when witches and sorcerers are oil and water Bi [...]

  • Tales of the Otherworld is a collection of short stories by Kelley Armstrong These stories are a part of Kelley s Otherworld series I am going to review this collection of stories as one book, instead of reviewing the individual stories Each story pretty well ties into each other and it will just be easier for me to give an overall review.I absolutely loved Tales of the Otherworld, if for no other reason than it had the story of how Clay and Elena met For those readers who are familiar with Ms A [...]

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