Everlasting Desire

[PDF] Everlasting Desire | by Û Amanda Ashley - Everlasting Desire, Everlasting Desire Desire Burns ForeverThe clientele at Shore s clothing store includes some of L A s sexiest bachelors But none of them affects Megan DeLacey as deeply as the dark eyed stranger who strides into her bou [PDF] Everlasting Desire | by Û Amanda Ashley - Everlasting Desire, Everlasting Desire Desire Burns ForeverThe clientele at Shore s clothing store includes some of L A s sexiest bachelors But none of them affects Megan DeLacey as deeply as the dark eyed stranger who strides into her bou

  • Title: Everlasting Desire
  • Author: Amanda Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781420104448
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Ebook
Everlasting Desire

[PDF] Everlasting Desire | by Û Amanda Ashley, Everlasting Desire, Amanda Ashley, Everlasting Desire Desire Burns ForeverThe clientele at Shore s clothing store includes some of L A s sexiest bachelors But none of them affects Megan DeLacey as deeply as the dark eyed stranger who strides into her boutique one evening and keeps returning night after night Megan is drawn to Rhys Costain even as she fears him Because his reason for being there is clear he wants MegaDesire Burns F [PDF] Everlasting Desire | by Û Amanda Ashley - Everlasting Desire, Everlasting Desire Desire Burns ForeverThe clientele at Shore s clothing store includes some of L A s sexiest bachelors But none of them affects Megan DeLacey as deeply as the dark eyed stranger who strides into her bou

  • [PDF] Everlasting Desire | by Û Amanda Ashley
    421Amanda Ashley
Everlasting Desire

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    Amanda Ashley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Everlasting Desire book, this is one of the most wanted Amanda Ashley author readers around the world.

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  • This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Megan DeLacey works at a department store for men called Shores , and most of her clientele are L.A sexiest bachelors Ranging from singers, actors and businessmen Megan loves working with people and she loves her job Her roommate is a model and men take one look at her and Megan is always overlooked One evening, a handsome and a dangerous stranger walks into Shores, a man she is fascinated by but also fears him but doesn t understan [...]

  • Rhys might has been a hottie but he was a crappy master vampire First he gets taken down immediately by a vampire hunter who he should have obliterated and then Tomas Villagrande who, granted was an old master vampire takes him down again and needs human Megan DeLacey, vampire Erik and Daisy to help him seal the deal So not impressive This wasn t as good as previous books I ve read by Ms Ashley Not bad just not spectacular.

  • My Night Series 1 Night s Kiss2 Night s Touch3 Night s Master4 Night s PleasureOther Misc Series 1 Shades of Gray2 After Sundown3 Desire After DarkEverlasting Series 1 Everlasting Kiss2 Everlasting Desire

  • Everlasting DesireI loved this book, I don t know if I have ever read a book with so much love in it, it was very heart warming I notable don t read read about vampires but, I got drawer in to it so much because of the love in it I just couldn t put it down Thank you for a wonderful love story Ada G.

  • Have you ever heard the old saying that all vampire books are predictable and boring That there is nothing new and different in the genre that would cause a reader to stand up and cheer when they were done with the story I say different, not only are the books written by Amanda Ashley not boring or for the most part predictable but they will make you smile and even cheer for the books characters at stories end Right off the bat let me say that the main female character of Megan DeLacey is going [...]

  • Just like with any other Amanda Ashley books, EVERLASING DESIRE does not disappoint With his friend Erik s luck with love, Rhys Costain wonders if he will have the same Shaking his head at the obscured thoughts, he walks into an exclusive men s clothing shop and meets Megan Delacey.Night after night he returns, buying and clothes and becoming highly addicted to her He has to lie about his age when she s reluctant to go out with him when he seems younger than her 29 years Slowly he earns her tr [...]

  • Everlasting Desire features a vampire who has seen it all and a na ve human he comes into contact with From the minute she meets Rhys Costain, Megan DeLacey knows there is something different about him exactly what though she doesn t know He makes her tingle when he is near, but he is also a bit frightening.The two start a relationship and there are things that alarm Megan as the relationship develops, but she puts her worries aside until she has to confront the truth, that the man she is dating [...]

  • I love Amanda Ashley books When she contacted me asking her to review another one of her vampire stories, I jumped for joy at the chance If you are unfamiliar with this authors tales, where have you been After all the hype of sparkly and cute vampire tales, sometimes I need a break with dark and brooding vampires to make me remember why I fell in love with these sort of paranormal creatures in the first place.In Everlasting Desire, we meet Megan and Rhys Rhys Costain, who is the Master of the We [...]

  • Book 2 in the Everlasting series.I loved this book, I thought it was an exciting sequel to Everlasting Kiss I have to preface my review by saying that I really dislike reading books that contain a character with my own name, I find it weird and distracting However, after a few chapters this didn t bother me as much as I thought it was going to as I became engrossed in the story.This is the story of Rhys Costain, Master of the West Coast vampires, who we met in the first book of the series And hi [...]

  • Amanda Ashley Everlasting Desire The title of this book says it all Everlasting Desire Living for over 500 years Rhys has no desire to be with any women until he walks into Megan DeLacey s place of work, and lays eyes on her Desire is what Rhys Costain feels when he lays eyes on Megan DeLacey He desires her touch and the taste of her blood He has a need, or desire if you might, to be with her forever.Amanda s book Everlasting Desire is a wonderful love story of a Vampire who falls in love with a [...]

  • Instead of reading, I actually listened to this book on CD I kept hoping that it would get better and that some plot would evolve and it finally did on disk 5 It s really your basic vampire plot someone Rhys pronounced Rees Costain is in charge of the West Coast Vampires Another older vampire wants to take control of the territory.Rhys has developed a relationship with mortal, Megan DeLacey She has a roommate, Cheryl sp , who is having headaches I don t want to say than this for fear of spoilin [...]

  • Have to admit this was a DNF and I hadn t read book 1, although that wouldn t have made a difference I found the lead characters boring the female lead accepted so much information on faith and never even once Googled the heavy spending customer with a stalker fascination for her while the male lead quickly mind wiped the women of his desires and drank her blood on numerous occasions without permission Not what I would call the start of a trusting relationship On top of all this, it seemed like [...]

  • This was good, but I don t believe it was as good as some of the other books of Amanda Ashley s that I had read previously Somehow I found myself predicting everything that happened in the book so it was kind of a let down Overall I do believe it was good The way these two met was interesting and I do have to say if that I had that much money to spend on clothes I think I could find myself spending it on other things instead, like charities for instance Not that I m looking down upon our wonderf [...]

  • An entertaining book with plenty of twists and turns in the story that keep you guessing as to what will happen next Sure, there are plenty of things that are easy to predict, since this is a romance of the sort that you know will have a happily ever after ending, so some things are a given, but still the author manages to throw in plenty of things that are surprising Even if only somewhat so.See my full review at Random Book Musings

  • This was definitly not a new favorite of Ashley I was excited to see Daisy and Eric again but I did not think enough time was given to Reece and Megan to overcome her bias opinions and beleifs to fall as madly and deeply in love with Reece as the author tried to have us beleive The plot was good and some of the various twists and turns were fun and surprising Again, it was the connection of the two main characters I got annoyed with occasionally that made me not as happy as I wanted to be with t [...]

  • I honestly didn t realize this was a sequel until I started reading it I don t really think it matters though it s of a spinoff anyways Regardless, I really enjoyed this book and ended up reading the entire thing in one day I really like Ashley s books for my days off They re my guilty pleasure.Ps Good to hear in the reviews that I m not the only one who sometimes got annoyed with Shirley She was obnoxious.

  • Sequel to Everylasting Kiss , but it can be read stand alone although what s the fun in this, since the main male character is introduced in Everlasting Kiss Typical when you read a vampire romance, the vampire s age when he was turned is not a factor It was fun in this book when 30 year old Megan finds herself attracted to a 20 year old customer if she only knew and ends up knowing Loved both these books, lots of fun and quick reads.

  • Yes, Megan did get on my nerves and her best friend surprised me but all in all I really enjoyed this book I totally would be all over Reese and enjoy every moment of itlolGreat story line I kinda thought of Edward and Bella a little as I read this story in an adult version, but perhaps that was just my Twilight obsession kicking in.

  • I own every Amanda Ashley book, and a few of Madeline Baker s, but I seem to find myself skipping over parts of this book In the past, I loved reading Amanda Ashley, but lately I find myself skipping all her data dumps and filler information Meh, it works for her though Still, her doom and gloom vampires are rather hot.

  • Wasn t a bad story, I have read a few of before and I like her writing style This was a second story in the two book series but I had no problem getting into the story and kept my interest throughout the whole book.

  • Love this but argh does AA s females bug the shit out of me They find out you re a vampire, then say oh I love you forever but don t want to get turn Then when something life threatening happen, they have no choice but to be turned, then bitch about it until they can accept it.

  • I started this book then put it down after I just couldn t get into it for some unknown reason After several other books, I tried it again and found that I had no problem getting into it and enjoying it Yay

  • Meh shrugs It wasn t good, but it wasn t horrible.The plot, the character development and the dialogue just seemed way too simple.Probably won t read any of this authors stuff.This books headed for the used book store.

  • I love Amanda Ashley Her stuff is great no nonsense old fashioned vampire fun This one had return characters I loved and while the plot wasn t the most stimulating it was still awesome and I enjoyed every word.

  • scary to think that someone could create such havoc and over nothing than pure boredom Alas, a great filler book

  • Good readI liked this book and would recommend it Going to check what else this author has to read in the romance section.

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